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Noun1.substring - a string that is part of a longer string
string - a linear sequence of symbols (characters or words or phrases)
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The fixed string is split by an asterisk wildcard into two substrings that is in the "substring1*substring2" format.
94% Detection With ML [34] TCP/IP Services <95% Detection [42] Table 3 Common examples of payload signatures Payload signature Signature content Common substring http/1.
Contract award notice: Reconstruction of the Borderline - Curtici - Simeria railway line, part of the Pan-European Corridor IV for the movement of trains with a maximum speed of 160 km / h: Section 2: Km 614 - Gurasada, substring 2a: Km 614 - Cap Y Brzava and 2b : Cap Y Brzava-Cap Y Ilteu ".
To take care of this issue, author proposes a rising substring mining strategy in view of Reducing the Map.
The comparison was done using a substring algorithm to see if the phished domain provided by PayPal was a substring of the defacement string (i.
A random Chromosome is converted into a sub-chromosome by dividing the chromosome by equal length substring where the sub-chromosome length is initialized as 3, and it can be written as:
i] denotes the length of the shortest substring starting from time i that has not yet been observed prior to time [[?
35]; we encode each parameter into a 32-bit substring in the individual.
id] refers to the dth substring (dth decision variable) of the position of the ith particle.
h] by removing all vertices that contain a given binary string f as a substring.
The substring s(P1), obtained from the parent P1, contain those operations of P1 that occupy the positions between j and k, s(P1) = O13O44O14O24.
Let c be the substring of x, if the c has the characterization for y [member of] Y, then the (c, y) is a feature of model.