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 (səb-vûr′sĭv, -zĭv)
Intending or intended to subvert an established order, especially to undermine or overthrow an established government: subversive groups; subversive publications.
One who advocates or is regarded as advocating subversion.

sub·ver′sive·ly adv.
sub·ver′sive·ness n.
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Noun1.subversiveness - disloyalty by virtue of subversive behaviorsubversiveness - disloyalty by virtue of subversive behavior
disloyalty - the quality of being disloyal
betrayal - the quality of aiding an enemy
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Acknowledging the palimpsestic nature of the myth's many versions allows Nurkse to fuse medieval magic with post-Freudian subversiveness.
Gordon then describes the smothering atmosphere of Carter's childhood home life and her early marriage to Paul Carter; importantly, though, Paul introduced his wife to folk music and the British folk scene of the 1950s, perhaps Angela Carter's first major adult foray into subversiveness.
The book includes photographs of examples of cultural subversiveness as well as culture jamming in action.
Whether this is done for reasons of global marketing or subversiveness, or as a result of internalization, this Western gaze is, according to Radovic, best researched and approached from a transnational perspective.
Because of this, Deleuzeans will surely be tempted to conclude that Lumsden does not fully appreciate the real uniqueness and subversiveness of Deleuze's challenge to Hegel.
Fittingly, Stephen Glynn's book on the film grapples with these contradictions, identifying threads of both commercialism and subversiveness, of cultural specificity and broader universality, within Quadrophenia.
Hermes was also willing to engage on a range of issues, including his name ( on Facebook, it's Hermes III ), thecontinuing subversiveness of "prose" poetry, the audience for this work, how he sees translation, and the images of violence and innocence in his poems.
An electric current of subversiveness ran through these concerts, as Bernstein seemed almost to reach inside the psyches of his listeners and unlock the barriers between them and music.
A snowman who is really excited about heat has its own subversiveness to it, too.
And despite prevailing notions of either subversiveness or subordinated models, Narveson demonstrates how the paradox of "guided reading" invites readers to engage directly with the text in order to find a sense of connection with it, without the guidance necessarily controlling the response.
This is the path I wish to follow in order to look again at the play's ambivalent subversiveness.
Artists' responsiveness to architecture, their critical modes of reading the Soviet past, and their strategies of self-organization as a means of resistance, along with my interest in the efficiency and subversiveness of the performative, led to another project in one of the most stunning buildings in the country: the former headquarters of the Ministry of Roads, designed in 1975 by architects George Chakhava and Zurab Jalaghania.