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1. The act or process of following in order or sequence.
2. A group of people or things arranged or following in order; a sequence: "A succession of one-man stalls offered soft drinks" (Alec Waugh). See Synonyms at series.
a. The sequence in which one person after another succeeds to a title, throne, or position.
b. The right of a person or a line of persons to so succeed.
a. The act or process of succeeding to the rights or duties of another.
b. The act or process of becoming entitled as a legal beneficiary to the property of a deceased person.
5. Ecology The gradual replacement of one type of ecological community by another in the same area, involving a series of orderly changes, especially in the dominant vegetation, and often resulting in the establishment of a climax community.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin successiō, successiōn-, from successus, past participle of succēdere, to succeed; see succeed.]

suc·ces′sion·al adj.
suc·ces′sion·al·ly adv.
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Following one after another in an orderly pattern:
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Deer points out some of the benefits and challenges of providing early successional growth in your deer woods.
Description : Sustainable soil use in PA Terra MEue: agroextractivism and successional agroforestry systems SAF's
CONTINUE | successional sowing of salads, and sow outdoors cucumber, sweetcorn, squash, French, runner and broad beans.
Continue successional sowing of salads, and sow outdoors cucumber, sweetcorn, squash, French, runner and broad beans.
In the veg garden, outdoors you can sow courgettes, runner beans, French beans, sweetcorn and marrows, as well as successional sowing of radishes, lettuces, spring onions.
As early successional landscapes proceed through natural succession, their susceptibility to exotic plant species typically declines (Rejmanek 1989).
l Continue to make successional sowings of swedes and turnips, through to July, to produce crops from August to October.
Theoretically, each type of successional series can have its climax.
However, composition of lepidopteran species was characteristic of each site, with 27% of species shared between the successional and restored sites (Table 1).
In addition, by concentrating most retention in patches, variable retention harvesting provides the open conditions important for what are called "early successional species" - those that appear shortly after a forest has been harvested or burned - including many birds, butterflies, moths, deer and elk.
The topics include the synthesis of a long-term study of tropical dry forest ecological succession in Mexico, edge influence on canopy openness and understory microclimate in two neotropical dry forest fragments, fruit-eating bats and birds of three seasonal tropical dry forests in the Americas, interspecific and interannual variation in foliar phenological patterns in a successional mosaic of a dry forest in the Central LLanos of Venezuela, and analyzing the history of land use and present socio-ecological struggles in Latin American tropical dry forests.
Most of the northern half of the property is covered by a young successional woodland dominated by exotic shrubs.