succinylcholine chloride

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suc′ci•nyl•cho′line chlo′ride

(ˈsʌk sə nɪlˈkoʊ lin, -ˈkɒl in, -sə nl-)

a crystalline compound, C14H30Cl2N2O4, used as a skeletal muscle relaxant in surgical procedures.
[1945–50; succin (ic) + -yl + choline]
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Rhabdomyolysis induced by succinylcholine chloride and sevoflurane in an elderly man [in Japanese].
Dubai Succinylcholine chloride is a muscle paralysing agent that is used in surgery to relax muscles, enabling surgeons to make incisions easily.
Of the 171 suspicious deaths they identified, 20 bodies were exhumed and examined for traces of two chemicals - Succinylcholine chloride and Pavulon - injected by Saldivar.
Contract awarded for succinylcholine chloride injectable solution or powder for parenteral use 500 mg vial or ampule
discussed with him his criteria for selecting victims and on one occasion gave him succinylcholine chloride - a drug authorities said Saldivar used to kill patients.
It is not effective against decamethonium bromide and succinylcholine chloride.