succinylcholine chloride

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suc′ci•nyl•cho′line chlo′ride

(ˈsʌk sə nɪlˈkoʊ lin, -ˈkɒl in, -sə nl-)

a crystalline compound, C14H30Cl2N2O4, used as a skeletal muscle relaxant in surgical procedures.
[1945–50; succin (ic) + -yl + choline]
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Tenders are invited for Inj Succinylcholine Chloride 50 Mg Per Ml 10 Ml Vial
Additional products from this Facility include Neostigmine Methylsulfate, Succinylcholine Chloride and others.
After loss of consciousness, succinylcholine chloride (1 mgkg-1) was administered and ventilation was assisted by a face-mask with 100% oxygen.
Succinylcholine chloride is a short acting depolarizing muscle relaxant, allows early establishment of patient airway and reduces risk of aspiration, thereby increasing safety.
Rhabdomyolysis induced by succinylcholine chloride and sevoflurane in an elderly man [in Japanese].
2d DCA 1968), a chemical test for detection of succinylcholine chloride was invented by the New York City medical examiner specifically to convict Dr.
Dubai Succinylcholine chloride is a muscle paralysing agent that is used in surgery to relax muscles, enabling surgeons to make incisions easily.