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A dish consisting of kernels of corn, lima beans or other shell beans, and often bell peppers, onions, and tomatoes cooked together.

[Narragansett msíckquatash, boiled whole-kernel corn.]


(Cookery) US and Canadian a mixture of cooked sweet corn kernels and lima beans, served as a vegetable
[C18: from Narraganset msiquatash, literally: broken pieces]


(ˈsʌk əˌtæʃ)

a cooked dish of beans, esp. lima beans, and kernels of corn.
[1745–55, Amer.; < Narragansett (E sp.) msíckquatash boiled whole kernels of corn]
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Noun1.succotash - fresh corn and lima beans with butter or creamsuccotash - fresh corn and lima beans with butter or cream
dish - a particular item of prepared food; "she prepared a special dish for dinner"


n (US Cook) → Mais-Bohnen-Eintopf m
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Carrots and peas, asparagus on toast, the perennial tomatoes and corn and succotash, lima beans, cabbage--and then--
A Southern buffet of Glazed Ham, Black Eyed Pea Succotash, Potato Stacks, and Turnip Green Casserole served with cornbread and cheese biscuits is the menu of comfort food.
Guests will also be able to share several farm-to-table inspired items including the rock shrimp pasta with garlic, tomato and basil ($17); seared scallops with creamy polenta and charred corn succotash ($19); roasted chicken with chorizo rice grits and black bean puree ($21); and Palmetto Creek Farms Jim's pork chop hickory rubbed, served with smashed potatoes, Brussels sprouts and mustard ($30).
On the summer menu: oysters, of course, as well as heirloom tomato salad, Penn Cove mussels, and Neah Bay halibut with summer succotash and pea vines.
34 COOKING Michael Kilkie will have you hooked on tasty baked cod with not-so-sufferin' succotash.
The National Museum of the American Indian's cafe provided such dishes as bison steak, buffalo chili, frybread and succotash.
I was reluctantly more Generation Terrorists than Groove is in the Heart," she would say, "and that's because I'd want to eat that succotash dish with cream on.
The recipes in this collection include: Clover Tea, Pemmican, Spiced Winter Squash Butter, Sauteed Native Squash & Potatoes, Cherokee Succotash, Cherokee Fried Hominy, Dandelion Greens, Easy Corn Pudding, Winter Squash Soup, Three Sisters Stew, Apache Acorn Soup, Black Bean Soup, Seminole Pumpkin Soup, Indian Spice Cake, Native American Cinnamon Wild Rice Pudding, Rhubarb Pie, Cherokee Huckleberry Bread, Frying Pan (Blue) Bread, Rabbit Soup, Cured Venison, Buffalo Stew, Baked Quail With Mushrooms, Baked Trout, Bison Chili, Maple Salmon, Native Skillet Chicken and many, many more.
You can serve these salads and sides with your main meal: Edamame-Sriracha Succotash, spicy Tabbouleh-Stuffed Dolmas, or Sriracha Broccoli Slaw.
So when you try us with an easy meal like salmon cakes and succotash, that's the result you goin' get.
Dress up frozen succotash for a Ham and Veggie Bowl, a comforting Stir Crazy classic.