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 (sŭk′yə-bəs) also suc·cu·ba (-bə)
n. pl. suc·cu·bus·es or suc·cu·bi (-bī′, -bē′) also suc·cu·bae (-bē′, -bī′)
1. A female demon supposed to descend upon and have sexual intercourse with a man while he sleeps.
2. An evil spirit; a demon.

[Middle English, from Medieval Latin, alteration (influenced by Late Latin incubus, incubus) of Latin succuba, paramour, from succubāre, to lie under : sub-, sub- + cubāre, to lie down.]


n, pl -bi (-ˌbaɪ)
1. (Classical Myth & Legend) Also called: succuba a female demon fabled to have sexual intercourse with sleeping men. Compare incubus
2. (Classical Myth & Legend) any evil demon
[C16: from Medieval Latin, from Late Latin succuba harlot, from Latin succubāre to lie beneath, from sub- + cubāre to lie]


(ˈsʌk yə bəs)

n., pl. -bi (-ˌbaɪ)
1. a demon in female form, said to have sexual intercourse with sleeping men. Compare incubus (def. 1).
2. any demon or evil spirit.
[1350–1400; < Medieval Latin, variant of Latin succuba paramour <succubāre to lie beneath (suc- suc- + cubāre to lie down)]

succubus, succuba

a demon that assumes a female form to tempt men to intercourse, especially appearing in their dreams. — succubi, succubae, n. pl.
See also: Demons


A demon sent by the Devil to have sexual intercourse with sleeping men, Succubi are sex elementals and may be half human, half animal.
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Noun1.Succubus - a female demon believed to have sexual intercourse with sleeping mensuccubus - a female demon believed to have sexual intercourse with sleeping men
daemon, daimon, demon, devil, fiend - an evil supernatural being


[ˈsʌkjʊbəs] N (succubi (pl)) → súcubo m


n pl <succubi> → Sukkubus m
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If it's true to say the incubus fills us for the succubi to suck us dry, why shouldn't I?
In the renaissance era they believed that the paralysis was caused by succubi, who would seduce people while they were asleep," Mr Davies said.
Earth-Mothers, Succubi, and Other Ectoplasmatic Spirits: The Women in Sherwood Anderson Short Stories.
I'M continually bemused by the Welfare State succubi, but heard another "fact" so taken for granted that I think it must be true.
Showcasing various incarnations of succubi, this is a seminal anthology of impressive literary merit and highly recommended to the attention of a mature readership.
There is every chance you would assume Paris was now hopelessly passe, having been eclipsed by second-generation reality succubi such as the Kardashians.
L'angolazione della macchina da presa ci conferma come il carabiniere e Marinella (pur essendo inquadrati dal basso verso l'alto) non siano affatto in controllo della situazione ma, anzi, finiscano con l'essere succubi dei dettami del SUPER-IO, ossia di una serie di norme comunitarie che li schiaccia e che li costringe, fatalmente, ad interrompere la loro conversazione.
The more of these they appear to have than the men around them, the more they're known as "man-haters," "bitches," or succubi.