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1. Full of juice or sap; juicy.
2. Botany Having thick, fleshy, water-storing leaves or stems.
3. Highly interesting or enjoyable; delectable: a succulent bit of gossip.
n. Botany
A succulent plant, such as a sedum or cactus.

[Latin succulentus, from succus, juice; see seuə- in Indo-European roots.]

suc′cu·lence, suc′cu·len·cy n.
suc′cu·lent·ly adv.
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Or, as former National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski once succulently put it: "What is most important to the history of the world?
With a succulently apt name, Trouble went on to deem them "hopeless guards of the Myth" who "managed to kill the style and elegance of the America's Cup," turning it into nothing short of "a vulgar beach event smelling of sunscreen and French fries.
They serve delicious charcoal grilled beef patty that are succulently prepared exclusively for each order and offer a variety of burgers such as the Classic CheeseA, [eth]nhe MexicanA, the BBQ -- BaconA and various options for those who wish to try something different, such as the Halloumi BurgerA and the Grilled ChickenA; all served with local, homemade, fresh skin-on fries, cooked with 100% non-allergenic natural peanut oil, daily baked soft buns and side salad.
Our celebrated prime quality beef patties are succulently prepared exclusively for each order as are our freshly peeled and cut fries and daily baked soft buns.
In ''The Language of Food: A Linguist Reads the Menu,'' Jurafsky, a professor at Stanford University, blew my mind with a succulently detailed history of ketchup, hot dog preferences notwithstanding.
His gestural and succulently painted The Fake Rothko of 2010, a personal reworking of the Temptation of St Anthony theme, had been expected to fetch 250,000 [pounds sterling]-350,000 [pounds sterling].
And then to a succulently pink fillet of venison served with beetroot and a rich red jus, along with a glass of South African red (Ladybird 2012).
The foie gras comes as a nugget of surprise in the middle of the biggest, most succulently aromatic creation you'll ever try.
The carefully crafted menu comprised traditional spice laced food, succulently created from fresh ingredients keeping in mind a healthy nutritional balance and preserving the wholesome goodness.
Berries & Bliss Pedicure Warm, buttery vanilla cream will soften and smooth the skin before a succulently sweet scrub down.
It was terrific from cover to cover--in sync, on target, deeply aligned with and flowing succulently with the powerful divine feminine energies that are ever more saturating our planet and bringing palpable balance and sanity to humanity and all else.
Succulently roasted turkey with sliced apples, nuts, dried fruits and cranberry sauce complemented with buttered vegetables and potato dumpling stuffed with bread croutons is on offer.