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1. The act or process of shaking violently, especially as a method of diagnosis to detect the presence of fluid and air in a body cavity.
2. The condition of being shaken violently.

[Latin succussiō, succussiōn-, from succussus, past participle of succutere, to toss up : sub-, up from below; see sub- + quatere, to shake; see kwēt- in Indo-European roots.]

suc·cus′sa·to′ry (sə-kŭs′ə-tôr′ē) adj.
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Noun1.succussion - shaking a person to determine whether a large amount of liquid is present in a body cavity
auscultation - listening to sounds within the body (usually with a stethoscope)
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Succussion (vigorous shaking/agitation) is a crucial step in the making of homeopathic medicines, and these medicines have always been made in glass vials.
The piezoelectric effect induced by digoxin mediated sodium potassium ATPase inhibition can generate cellular succussion and the molecular electromagnetic traces can get stored in electric dipoles of water.
Succussion on the remedy was carried out using a vortex mixer, and interestingly, the degree of protective effect was related to the extent of vortex mixing and 2 of the homeopathic preparations used were associated with the in-vivo production of specific anti-tularemia IgG antibody.
The simple dilution without homeopathic succussion exhibited no activity with results being identical to the placebo.
Succussion or a magnetic B-field will do the imprinting.
You take a toxic substance, dilute it and put it through what we call the succussion process.