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Although Ceci coauthored the amicus brief that some have credited with persuading the Michaels court, we agree in general with Lyon and Myers that children's suggestibility should not usually prevent them from being heard as witnesses, even if the circumstances indicate that the child was subjected to strong forms of suggestion.
Otis thus delivers on the more moderate premise of her introduction, showing that the "relationship between literature and science is one of mutual feedback and suggestibility, each contributing to and drawing upon the `culture medium' out of which it grows.
Section two lays out seven basic interviewing skills, and the book's final section takes up several specialty issues such as suggestibility, the nondisclosing child, and the special needs child.
This procedure enables the investigators to separate the effect of the drug from the effect of patients' suggestibility or belief in treatment efficacy.
As we have gained experience using Arrowsmith, it has become clear that transitivity is almost never assured, and we have to settle for the less formal and less tidy idea of suggestibility (Swanson, 1991).
Any effects were often attributed to heightened suggestibility, although the critics could not explain how such suggestibility would work in animals and young children.
Or learning to survive in a new landscape of identification where anguish becomes a way of working through alienation toward a tryst with history - for when "this house is strange" you encounter a shadow of yourself that is nonetheless animated and creative as shadow puppets can be, concealing their secrets from the light, casting their darkness into a profound suggestibility.
However, the subject's strong desire to escape the stress of the situation can create a state of mind called "heightened suggestibility.
The key element in mythomania and demonopathy is suggestibility.
Other issues you should become familiar with include the suggestibility of child witnesses.
Indeed, the sudden wave of enthusiasm for stock payment is another illustration, in this case on the part of shareholder interest groups, of one of the dynamics that affects underperforming directors: they stop thinking because of the mood sweep in back of suggestibility.
Michael Yapko, a clinical psychologist who is an expert on memory and suggestibility, estimates that more than 300 civil cases involving repressed memories of sexual abuse have been filed in recent years.