suicide bombing

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Noun1.suicide bombing - a terrorist bombing carried out by someone who does not hope to survive it
bombing - the use of bombs for sabotage; a tactic frequently used by terrorists
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Therefore, this study draws attention to the difficulty of making generalizations about the relationship [among] educational attainment, income, and support for suicide bombing across Muslim countries.
The plotter of the suicide bombing that resulted in killing the Commander of the Anti-Terrorism forces in Salah-il-Din province, lieutenant colonel Ahmed Subhi al-Fahal, has committed a suicide inside his prison," police source stated to NINA.
Labels that are randomly attached to the bombers, such as "mad," denote an inability to fathom the deeper reasons for their actions, while also failing to advance our understanding of the causes of the phenomenon of suicide bombing.
Proceeding from this basic premise, he explores the psychology of suicide bombing and tends to what he thinks are its implications.
Indonesian police on the resort island of Bali said Monday a document found at a safe house shows that the terrorist network in the country now prefers to move in smaller teams and use suicide bombing tactics.
Israel said it would attack Syrian targets if necessary, following the Tel Aviv nightclub suicide bombing.
He interviews former Israeli Prime Ministers Peres, Ehud Barak and Benjamin Netanyahu (who is informed of yet another suicide bombing during an interview).
Suicide bombing, killing of people, the response that comes in return - all of this has to be brought to an end.
Suicide Bomber,' was a two-part series detailing a suicide bombing in Israel.
NNA - Attacks in and north of the Iraqi capital Baghdad, including a suicide bombing at a funeral and seven car bombs, killed at least 39 people on Wednesday, officials said, AFP reported.
Tokyo -- Saudi Islamic scholars Sheikh Aadil Al-Klabani terms suicide bombers as "misguided" as suicide bombing is forbidden in Islam, local media reported on Tuesday.
Lewis is author of the new book The Business of Martyrdom: A History of Suicide Bombing (Naval Institute Press, 2012).