suicide machine

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su′icide machine`

a device designed to permit a terminally ill person to commit suicide, as by the automatic injection of a lethal drug.
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Cette edition a ete magique pour le groupe, de partager la scene avec nos amis Tachamarod, Suicide Machine et les groupes invites Millestone Edge et Mean Street.
Along with the 11 original oil paintings, the Assisted Suicide Machine called the "Thanatron" that he built will also be displayed and for sale to the highest bidder.
So many people are turning off social network sites that new internet applications such as The Suicide Machine and Seppukoo have sprung up to help them.
A CONTROVERSIAL doctor's suicide machine has failed to sell at auction.
For his first deaths, in 1990, he used a suicide machine he called a "mercitron", an apparatus which pumped saline into the "client", switching to a lethal solution when the client pressed a button.
The medic - who created a suicide machine from a laptop and needle - declined to reveal which Sydney showbiz agents he was working with.
A CONTROVERSIAL German doctor who invented a suicide machine has revealed he has been contacted by desperate Midlanders - and is willing to help them die.
SYDNEY: An elderly Australian man killed himself with a home-made suicide machine he assembled with plans downloaded from the Internet.
Euthanasia activist Philip Nitschke presented his most recent suicide machine November 17 at a Sydney press conference.
In 1997, the Detroit Free Press launched a major investigative series, later reprinted in book form as The Suicide Machine, that studied forty-seven of Kevorkian's cases (some from outside Oakland County).