suicide pill

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Noun1.suicide pill - a poison pill with potentially catastrophic implications for the company it is intended to protect
poison pill - the target company defends itself by making its stock less attractive to an acquirer
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Friends and family are killed or captured as they trek through a fallen city and Katniss has a suicide pill in case she is captured.
Masses and business community will never subscribe to the idea of taking a suicide pill under the guise of a bitter pill based on the ill will of the IMF as nobody win in the current set of policies except the lender.
Washington, June 30 ( ANI ): The United States police is investigating whether a man, who collapsed in court and died after being convicted for burning down his mansion, may have taken a suicide pill.
There are times when I think those bright young things who come up with these brilliant schemes would prefer the older generation to form an orderly line and swallow a suicide pill.
Why don't we just give everyone a suicide pill and then leave a note for any animals left: "Sorry for the mess we left the plant in.
As an option for those people sentenced to natural life, we should have a suicide pill they could choose to use.
If the Brent Tories and Brent New Labour have only one suicide pill between them, I suggest they do the decent thing and toss it to Iain Duncan Smith'
from permanently locking out workers, but by insisting on proposals that could eliminate most union jobs "the company is trying to force union members to ingest a suicide pill as a condition for ending the lockout.