suicide squeeze

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Noun1.suicide squeeze - the runner on third base starts home as the pitcher delivers the ball
squeeze play - a baseball play in which a runner on third base tries to score as the batter bunts the pitch
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Lunenburg got its run in small-ball ways, though, scoring on a fielder's choice and a suicide squeeze by Eli Sanchez.
Nikki Udria opened the scoring when she successfully made it home after getting caught in a run-down when Alexa Peterson wasn't able to lay down a suicide squeeze bunt.
Trailing 3-0 in the third inning, Suzuki hit a line drive off Wade Davis to right-center to drive home runners from first and second and plated a run from third on Brendan Ryan's suicide squeeze to tie the ballgame.
Maybe it was that time you shot the three-pointer for the win rather than take the two for the tie, maybe it was the suicide squeeze bunt in the bottom of the ninth, and maybe it was the ultimate show of boldness in sports: the on-side kick to start the second half on the biggest stage in your sport," the six-time Pro Bowl selection continued.
Paterson In Suicide Squeeze Over Yankees Tickets (http://www.
The Vikings (16-3-1) wasted no time getting runs on the board for Mortensen executing a perfect suicide squeeze in the first when Lauren Boser laid down a great bunt scoring Shipman, who singled, stole second and was sacrificed to third by Megan Foglesong.
The Angels had a chance to go ahead in the ninth before Erick Aybar, whose 12th-inning single was the winner in Game 3, missed on a suicide squeeze attempt, thwarting the threat.
There are reasons to bunt, steal, hit, and run, suicide squeeze, etc.
When they returned from tour they immediately entered Studio Litho and Snider's Bat Cave and began constructing a new foundation for the group's fourth release for the indie label Suicide Squeeze.
a deftly executed suicide squeeze, with sharp spikes hoisted high and aimed at the jugular on the slide home.
Kenny Manero was 2 for 2 with two stolen bases and two runs and scored on Ben Palatino's suicide squeeze for Hudson (1-6).
Arizona's fourth-inning run tied the score at 1-1, after Chase's suicide squeeze had scored Heineman in the second.