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Noun1.suit of armor - armor that protects the wearer's whole body
armet - a medieval helmet with a visor and a neck guard
armor, armour - protective covering made of metal and used in combat
basinet - a medieval steel helmet
brassard - armor plate that protects the arm
breastplate, egis, aegis - armor plate that protects the chest; the front part of a cuirass
bulletproof vest - a vest capable of resisting the impact of a bullet
cannon - (Middle Ages) a cylindrical piece of armor plate to protect the arm
casque - (15-16th century) any armor for the head; usually ornate without a visor
chain armor, chain armour, chain mail, ring armor, ring armour, ring mail, mail - (Middle Ages) flexible armor made of interlinked metal rings
corselet, corslet - a piece of body armor for the trunk; usually consists of a breastplate and back piece
cubitiere - body armor that protects the elbow
cuirass - medieval body armor that covers the chest and back
cuisse - armor plate that protects the thigh
epauliere - armor plate that protects the shoulder
fauld - a piece of armor plate below the breastplate
metal glove, gantlet, gauntlet - a glove of armored leather; protects the hand
gorget - armor plate that protects the neck
greave, jambeau - armor plate that protects legs below the knee
helmet - armor plate that protects the head
knee piece - armor plate that protects the knee
nosepiece - armor plate that protects the nose
pallette, palette - one of the rounded armor plates at the armpits of a suit of armor
rerebrace, upper cannon - cannon that provides plate armor for the upper arm
roundel - round piece of armor plate that protects the armpit
skirt of tasses - armor plate that protects the body below the waist
sabaton, solleret - armor plate that protects the foot; consists of mail with a solid toe and heel
tasse, tasset - one of two pieces of armor plate hanging from the fauld to protect the upper thighs
tuille - armor plate that protects the hip and thigh
lower cannon, vambrace - cannon of plate armor protecting the forearm
gusset, voider - a piece of chain mail covering a place unprotected by armor plate
References in classic literature ?
I will have my eye upon you, for I shall be there," replied the cardinal, pointing with his finger to a magnificent suit of armor he was to wear, "and on our return, well--we will settle our account
Glegg carried such a bone, which she had inherited from her grandmother with a brocaded gown that would stand up empty, like a suit of armor, and a silver-headed walking-stick; for the Dodson family had been respectable for many generations.
Summary: A bronze lion's head and a suit of armor have been found in the sea off the coast of the Calabria region in southern Italy.
95) provides a vivid deconstruction of the Iron Man fantasy to consider if modern technology can create a suit of armor similar to the Iron Man story.
Each of these plinths supported a suit of armor that had been crushed at a local Glasgow compactor, in some cases along with household objects such as coffee tables and file cabinets, and thus transformed into an elegant block of rich texture and design.
A deep-sea snail wears a multilayered suit of armor, complete with iron.
American actor Mickey Rourke is in talks to play Crimson Dynamo, a Russian arms dealer, who's considered to be an evil version of Iron Man because he battles the superhero in a nuclear-powered suit of armor,
And there were scones, cookies, a plaid-clad bagpiper, a man walking about in a full suit of armor from Higgins Armory Museum and trying his best not to clank too loudly, and a real British diplomat, Joseph Pickerill, vice consul with the British Consulate-General in Cambridge.
Pickering's delightful illustrations add depth to the quirky characters, including Uncle Drac, the misunderstood bat poo salesman; Aunt Tabby, his disapproving wife; and Old Horace, a spirit who lives in a suit of armor that's on its last leg.
Made of soft, pliable leather-like fabric," states the promotional material, "her suit of armor keeps with our concept of soft and huggable.
There are some impressive sights to see here, especially with how smoothly some of the bigger ``boss'' characters -- like a giant suit of armor -- move during battle.
A boy's discovery of an alien suit of armor, a world controlled by a sinister underground organization and a host of bio-monsters keeps action swift and animae original and compelling.