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The divalent anionic group SO3, derived from sulfurous acid, or a compound containing this group.

sul·fit′ic (-fĭt′ĭk) adj.


(Elements & Compounds) the US preferred spelling of sulphite


(ˈsʌl faɪt)

1. a salt or ester of sulfurous acid.
2. any sulfite-containing compound, esp. one that is used in foods or drug products as a preservative.
sul•fit′ic (-ˈfɪt ɪk) adj.


n sulfito
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5 - 1200 ppm), the MaxSignal Sulfite Assay Kit delivers highly reproducible, accurate, cost-effective and easy sulfite analysis for your most demanding needs.
The Global Ethylene Sulfite Industry Report 2014 is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the global ethylene sulfite industry.
First, there is conversion to sulfite, followed by rapid conversion of sulfite to harmless sulfate by the enzyme sulfite oxidase.
Selective measurement of sulfite ion requires HPLC method, which in addition to the high price of the equipment, needs the use of expensive solutions that are harmful to the environment.
It is evident from line weaver--Burk plot (double reciprocal figure 1, 2) and table 1 that sulfite ions at 1 mM concentration do not change [K.
The dimethyl sulfite, DMC, and DMMP in fact all have minimal viscosity compared with the epoxy resin.
PG Kuala Madu 4,000 1982 Treatment Jan/Feb with sulfite 2.
While trace amounts of sulfites occur naturally in wines during the fermentation process, most producers add more, later in the winemaking process, to prolong shelf life.
The USDA allows up to 100 ppm total sulfite concentration for wines labeled "made with organically grown grapes.
The guide offers an overview of Dow Corning's range of silicone antifoams for use in sulfite and kraft pulp stock washing.
From 1927 to 2001, the Pine Falls mill produced pulp for its newsprint operation using a mix of stone groundwood and sulfite processes.
Sodium sulfite is used as a preservative in foods and as an antioxidant in alcoholic beverages.