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Adj.1.sulphur-yellow - of something having the yellow color of sulfur
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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A bee flew in and buzzed round the blue-dragon bowl that, filled with sulphur-yellow roses, stood before him.
The variety Moonshine, which has sulphur-yellow flowers held above silver leaves, is a favourite with flower arrangers who cut for dried arrangements.
With sulphur-yellow hair and a poor effort at make-up, Kesha's look is nothing short of awful.
Immediately I noticed another bird, with a bright sulphur-yellow breast, about the size of a pied flycatcher but with the build of a warbler.
I've mentioned it previously on these pages as I adore its all-year-round light, feathery foliage that is dusted with glorious sulphur-yellow flowers early in the year (around now).
Hamamelis x intermedia 'Pallida' is one of the most popular varieties with large, sweetly-fragrant, sulphur-yellow flowers borne in dense clusters.
Fungi sprouted lavishly: sulphur-yellow horns ringing the roots of trees, honey fungus spreading up their trunks.
Good varieties include 'Moonshine', with its sulphur-yellow flowers and grey-green foliage.
The exquisite, flowers arrive in vivid russet-reds, amber-orange, sulphur-yellow and linen-white.
intermedia Pallida, which produces sulphur-yellow flowers and H.
Pagoda', which produces sulphur-yellow flowers,`PinkPerfection'and `Lilac Wonder' They really need a woodland setting to thrive.