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Adj.1.summer-flowering - of plants that bloom during the summer
summery - belonging to or characteristic of or occurring in summer; "summery weather"; "summery dresses"
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We have selected six dwarf summer-flowering shrubs which will give you great summer colour.
Success with summer-flowering bulbs depends upon size and the depth at which they are planted.
Tidy up ivy, summer-flowering jasmine and honeysuckles.
Prune summer-flowering deciduous shrubs such as Buddleja davidii, hardy fuchsias, lavatera - this will not affect their flowering as they flower on new wood.
They make good companions with other early summer-flowering plants, including aquilegia, geum and trollius, and are generally trouble-free, although flowering will not be so prolific in poor soils.
A third summer-flowering tree from the Orient that has been too seldom planted in our area, (it was introduced more than 200 years ago
Remove shoots with no live buds from summer-flowering clematis, cut back late-flowering clematis hard ?
Order summer-flowering bulbs, particularly if you are planning to grow any that need starting off indoors, such as tuberous begonias.
BEST OF THE BUNCH Penstemons are one of the most valuable late summer-flowering perennials.
Dahlias, hollyhocks, Michaelmas daisies, nasturtiums, day lilies and summer-flowering euphorbias provide much-needed freshness.
CONTINUE to plant summer-flowering bulbs; Prune plum trees once they have started growing; Don't let pots and seed trays in the greenhouse dry out; Prune spring-flowering shrubs more than three-years-old as they finish flowering; Sow sweet peas directly into their flowering position; Sow tomato seeds in a heated propagator or on a warm windowsill to grow outdoors when risk of frost has passed; Plant sprouted tubers of early varieties of potato; Remove the ends of shoots on shrubs damaged by frost; Feed climbers with a slow-acting general fertiliser around all established plants; Check borders for plant losses and plan how you are going to fill the gaps.