An official who takes part in a summit conference.


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a person who participates in a summit conference


(ˌsʌm ɪˈtɪər)

a participant in a summit.


nGipfelteilnehmer(in) m(f), → Teilnehmer(in) m(f)an der Gipfelkonferenz
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With ongoing aftershocks and tremors we can't continue expeditions," said two-time Everest summiteer Dawa Steven Sherpa of Kathmandu-based Asian Trekkers.
To encourage the boys and girls, famous Pakistani woman Everest climber Ms Samina Baig, with her brother Mirza Ali and famous Pakistani mountaineer and summiteer of six peaks above 8,000 metres including Everest and K2, Hassan Sadpara graced the occasion.
Once they have reached the top, the only thing on their minds is to get back," shares the experienced summiteer, who followed his father's footsteps and climbed the highest peak in the world.
Mount Kilimanjaro Presentation John Craig, a Mount Everest summiteer and guide, will give a multimedia presentation about Mount Kilimanjaro, the Serengeti and the Ngoro Ngoro Crater, 7 p.
The first group led by Lt Col Vishal Dubey and two cadets summitted the peak on 02 Oct 13 and the second group led by Capt Deepika Rathore, an Everest Summiteer herself and four girl cadets summitted the peak on 05 Oct 2013 braving icy winds and bad weather.
THE Olympic torch an Everest summiteer carried to the top of Wales's highest mountain is being auctioned to raise cash for a Nepalese charity.
com)-- Private Kilimanjaro, a leading, expert provider of private and group climbs up Mount Kilimanjaro, announces that Joseph Ayoub, aged 12, became the youngest Brit to successfully climb Kilimanjaro last week, while his mum became the most glamorous summiteer this year.
KATHMANDU, April 27 -- Apa Sherpa, the legendary Everest summiteer, has been appointed SAARC Goodwill Ambassador for Climate Change for two years.
To add to the tale of woe, newcomers Summiteer and Magherabrack lost so much ground when the gates opened that they might as well have stayed at home.
It is led by two-time Everest Summiteer Dawa Steven Sherpa, a passionate advocate of climate change issues who has also seen the impact of climate change on the Himalayas.
People can fit me into different categories, but I love to be called an achiever, because I believe in never giving up and never giving in," said Babu, the son of a south Indian farmer and recipient of the 'Outstanding Youth of the Year' Award from US State Secretary John Kerry for becoming the World's Fastest Seven Summiteer and First Src National 7 Summiteer in 2004.
Those who attempt the summit are experienced climbers who will tackle other Himalayan peaks as well, said Dawa Steven Sherpa, two-time summiteer of Everest from Kathmandu.