summon up

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w>summon up

vt sep couragezusammennehmen, zusammenraffen; strengthaufbieten; enthusiasm, energyaufbieten, aufbringen; sympathy, image, memoriesheraufbeschwören; summoning up all his strength he lifted it upunter Aufbietung aller Kräfte hob er es hoch
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But Brahim Hemdani's late leveller in that game is the only goal they have let in in four knockout matches in this tournament and the match can be expected to be characterised by Leverkusen's trying to summon up the invention to probe their way through a well-schooled visiting rearguard.
But Carter can't summon up the nerve and instead turns the gun on KC and Shark.
Here is a work by a pitch-perfect specialist in American vernacular who can summon up the myth of a whole era - even its pathos - as if glimpsed in a roadside jingle.