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tr.v. sum·moned, sum·mon·ing, sum·mons
a. To call together; convene: summon a meeting of officials. See Synonyms at call.
b. To request to appear; send for: summon a doctor to help an injured man.
2. To order to take a specified action; bid: summon the captain to surrender.
a. To bring to mind or remember. Often used with up: We tried to summon up an image of our childhood friend.
b. To cause one to think of (something); evoke. Often used with up: "Badly cured hippie fur ... maté, and paraffin heating oil are the scents that summon up my remembrance of the late sixties" (Judith Thurman).
4. To bring into existence or readiness. Often used with up: "He summoned up a smile, though it seemed to take all his strength" (Colin Turnbull).

[Middle English somonden, from Old French somondre, from Vulgar Latin *summonere, from Latin summonēre, to remind privately, hint to : sub-, secretly; see sub- + monēre, to warn; see men- in Indo-European roots.]

sum′mon·er n.


someone who summons (a person to a place)
References in classic literature ?
The sheriff, who is the summoner of ordinary juries, and the clerks of courts, who have the nomination of special juries, are themselves standing officers, and, acting individually, may be supposed more accessible to the touch of corruption than the judges, who are a collective body.
A summoner was a person who went to summon or call people to appear before the Church courts when they had done wrong.
He followed his summoner with increasing doubt, which was not dispelled by a solemn comicality in the scene of the study.
Summoner World and Dreams are a direct result of indiePub's unique platform that supports independent developers, bringing their innovative ideas to console and the mass market.
Maroof wasn't an automatic pacemaker, he was a front-runner and Willie's horse [Mehthaaf] needed a good pace and holding up, whereas on Summoner I was purely a pacemaker [for Noverre] and they let me off and we won.
Once again, Summoner will be competing on his own merits and Crisford yesterday warned the pacemaker won't stop and wait for the others to catch up.
Instead of being overhauled by the main body of the field, Summoner kept finding more and despite tiring in the testing conditions, had enough in hand to hold on.
Frankie Dettori and Summoner had shaken off all bar one of his four rivals two furlongs out.
THQ expects sales of Summoner, its only PS 2 offering, to account for no more than 5 percent of the video game maker's total fourth-quarter sales.
LOS ANGELES -- Riot Games, an independent developer and publisher of premium online video games, has unveiled the Summoner and currency systems for its highly anticipated online multiplayer session-based game League of Legends.
But those horses which are making it to the racecourse are performing well and Summoner can be fancied to take the Britannic Travel Management Conditions Stakes.