summum bonum

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sum·mum bo·num

 (so͝om′əm bō′nəm)
The greatest or supreme good.

[Latin : summum, neuter of summus, highest + bonum, good.]

summum bonum

(ˈsʊmʊm ˈbɒnʊm)
(Philosophy) the principle of goodness in which all moral values are included or from which they are derived; highest or supreme good

sum•mum bo•num

(ˈsʊm ʊm ˈboʊ nʊm; Eng. ˈsʌm əm ˈboʊ nəm)
the highest or chief good.

summum bonum

A Latin phrase meaning the greatest good.
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Noun1.summum bonum - the supreme good in which all moral values are included or from which they are derived
good, goodness - moral excellence or admirableness; "there is much good to be found in people"
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Don Quixote then asked him how many children he had, and observed that one of the things wherein the ancient philosophers, who were without the true knowledge of God, placed the summum bonum was in the gifts of nature, in those of fortune, in having many friends, and many and good children.
In the Duterte equation, women = sex with virgins is the summum bonum.
To further demonstrate its commitment to education, Crestron created the Summum Bonum Award for Excellence in Teaching, which celebrates passionate teachers from all levels of education.
It is unclear why am I thought to hold this view since what I have said about the nature of the summum bonum in Buddhism and Aristotle does not support this interpretation.
For both posthumanists and transhumanists, the summum bonum is a "post'--human state, but the two sides do not agree on what this means.
Summum Bonum Industries LLC, Summum Bonum industries LLC, 3713 Seeley St.
It is unclear why paramartha in Sanskrit should be translated into Latin as Summum Bonum, rather than English 'Highest Good'.
As humanists, our former banner summum bonum was the dignity of the individual, which has been more recently superseded by a dedicated anti-theism.
Henry Russell ("Red") Sanders, former coach of the fabled UCLA Bruins football team, is famous for having memorably captured (1950) the gist of the idea that winning is the summum bonum of sport: "Winning isn't everything.
Journeys can be wet and wearying and yet, while, enjoying the comforts of a hotels bath and bread, a wise man would not conclude that the summum bonum of human life is to spend his life in an hotel.
To what extent, for example, do they understand that "confluence" was the summum bonum of his art?