summum bonum

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sum·mum bo·num

 (so͝om′əm bō′nəm)
The greatest or supreme good.

[Latin : summum, neuter of summus, highest + bonum, good.]

summum bonum

(ˈsʊmʊm ˈbɒnʊm)
(Philosophy) the principle of goodness in which all moral values are included or from which they are derived; highest or supreme good

sum•mum bo•num

(ˈsʊm ʊm ˈboʊ nʊm; Eng. ˈsʌm əm ˈboʊ nəm)
the highest or chief good.

summum bonum

A Latin phrase meaning the greatest good.
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Noun1.summum bonum - the supreme good in which all moral values are included or from which they are derived
good, goodness - moral excellence or admirableness; "there is much good to be found in people"
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Don Quixote then asked him how many children he had, and observed that one of the things wherein the ancient philosophers, who were without the true knowledge of God, placed the summum bonum was in the gifts of nature, in those of fortune, in having many friends, and many and good children.
Here comes to mind Aristotle's acknowledgment that God moves all things by being loved, or the summum bonum, the object of our every desire in whom we come to rest.
Is he writing for those who share his religious perspective yet do not often confront the philosophical issues that engage him, issues such as the root of authority for the ethics, the motivation, the summum bonum of ethical life?
E exatamente nesta fase final de seu Realismo que Peirce vai enfatizar a generalidade da Primeiridade, ao assumir sua negligencia com a estetica e, dai, desenvolver o conceito de Summum Bonum como referencia para os processos de significacao e, portanto, da comunicacao humana.
Bracketing any consideration of the summum bonum or man's final end, they proposed a regime that did not try to adjudicate between the myriad of spiritual goods that present themselves within political life.
Nowell, who founded the Summum Church in 1975 (and later changed his name to Summum Bonum Amon Ra), wanted the Seven Aphorisms, which are the faith's basic principles, to sit alongside the Ten Commandments.
Having no credibility on social issues, he pretended that being anti-smut was the summum bonum of a pro-family agenda.
If Queneau is the novel's God, or at least its summum bonum, then Gombrowicz is its Lucifer.
Lelyveld writes: "That phrase, 'our Southern civilization' has a pitiable eloquence in this context, revealing as it does a hunger to believe that Temple Beth Or should 'fit in' and does fit in, even if its leaders haven't yet achieved the summum bonum of admission to the Montgomery Country Club.
91) This assimilation of voluptas and the summum bonum by a reformer of the church is perhaps the culminating point of the early Cinquecento reinvention of Epicurus in which the dissemination of Lucretius played such a vital role.