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1. Mathematics
a. An amount obtained as a result of adding numbers.
b. An arithmetic problem: a child good at sums.
2. The whole amount, quantity, or number; an aggregate: the sum of the team's combined experience.
3. An amount of money: paid an enormous sum.
4. A summary: my view of the world, in sum.
5. The central idea or point; the gist.
tr.v. summed, sum·ming, sums
1. Mathematics To add.
2. To give a summary of; summarize.
Phrasal Verb:
sum up
1. To present the substance of (material) in a condensed form; summarize: sum up the day's news; concluded the lecture by summing up.
2. To describe or assess concisely: an epithet that sums up my feelings.

[Middle English summe, from Old French, from Latin summa, from feminine of summus, highest; see uper in Indo-European roots.]


pl n
(Mathematics) another name (esp formerly) for number work
References in classic literature ?
Her teachers complained that instead of doing her sums she covered her slate with animals, the blank pages of her atlas were used to copy maps on, and caricatures of the most ludicrous description came fluttering out of all her books at unlucky moments.
And the one man who could answer them was risking untold sums only that he might say a good word for an idle apprentice.
The disposition of these vast sums by gentlemen wearing patched breeches awakened no sense of the ludicrous, nor did any doubt, reservation, or contingency enter into the plans of the charming enthusiasts themselves.
To this Teta Elzbieta hastened to respond that nothing could be too cheap to suit them just then; for they were quite terrified over the sums they had had to expend.
It contained various refreshing items of home intelligence, with which our reader is fully acquainted: stated how Aunt Chloe had been hired out to a confectioner in Louisville, where her skill in the pastry line was gaining wonderful sums of money, all of which, Tom was informed, was to be laid up to go to make up the sum of his redemption money; Mose and Pete were thriving, and the baby was trotting all about the house, under the care of Sally and the family generally.
6 (sixty-nine cents, two mills and six milrays), and all of a sudden here comes along a man who slashes out nearly four dollars on a single blow-out; and not only that, but acts as if it made him tired to handle such small sums.
I said I was accustomed to squandering large sums in that way-- it was the kind of person I was.
He had never seen as much as fifty dollars in one mass before, and he was like all boys of his age and station in life, in that he imagined that all references to "hundreds" and "thou- sands" were mere fanciful forms of speech, and that no such sums really existed in the world.
Even you, used as you are to great sums, would hardly believe that so much could be given to a young person like Jane.
He read the draft for the Will first, pausing and knitting his brows distrustfully, wherever he found blank spaces left in the manuscript to be filled in with the names of persons and the enumeration of sums bequeathed to them.
They were severally examined and appraised by old Joe, who chalked the sums he was disposed to give for each, upon the wall, and added them up into a total when he found there was nothing more to come.
In the morning, too, when I felt weary, and should have enjoyed another hour's repose very much, it was a tiresome thing to be roused, like the Sultana Scheherazade, and forced into a long story before the getting-up bell rang; but Steerforth was resolute; and as he explained to me, in return, my sums and exercises, and anything in my tasks that was too hard for me, I was no loser by the transaction.