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Noun1.sun visor - a shade (sometimes of green mica) affixed above the windshield of an automobile
shade - protective covering that protects something from direct sunlight; "they used umbrellas as shades"; "as the sun moved he readjusted the shade"
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Yes, it's ex-lover Sinitta, 51, wearing a very odd sun visor.
Twenty-Six (26) in-car high definition DVR systems which shall consist of a digital video recording unit, sun visor clip mounted color high definition camera with zoom capability, color monitor, and a wireless transmitter and receiver for audio.
For one fan in the audience, Robin Bird, the night was made especially memorable after Sir Roger made time to sign the sun visor on his car - identical to the model Sir Roger's other alter-ego, The Saint, drove.
Sunglasses at the ready A sun A sun visor doesn't necessarily stop low sun from beaming into your windscreen, so wear sunglasses.
Compared to previous models, the expanded polypropylene (EPP) sun visor is bigger yet lighter.
The member of the public is said to be aged in his 50s, with brown hair and was wearing a golf-type sun visor at the time.
A second screen mounted on the passenger sun visor will allow the passenger to access all police information and there's new police software loaded with previous incidents and historic data to predict potential crime hotspots.
On February 25 and 26 visitors can make a sun visor while on March 24 and 25 there will be the chance to make a seaside collage.
At just pounds 159, it also boasts an integral sun visor like the Vision, but the graphics are a bit more sporty.
Players have stashed their winning slips in such places as under the dog's basket; inside a tin of cat treats; in the car sun visor, and one winner stored his in his secretary's make-up bag.
com to represent his Sun Visor concept to potential licensees worldwide.