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Any of various small tropical passerine birds of the family Nectariniidae of Asia, Africa, and Australia, having a slender downward-curving bill and often brightly colored plumage in the male.


(Animals) any small songbird of the family Nectariniidae, of tropical regions of the Old World, esp Africa, having a long slender curved bill and a bright plumage in the males



any of various small, brilliantly colored Old World songbirds of the family Nectariniidae.
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Along the way hikers are encouraged to keep an eye out for endemic wildlife, as the area is home to birds such as the Seychelles bulbul, swiftlet and sunbird, as well the worlds smallest frog, which is only 1cm in length.
California, May 23 -- Chatsworth Products (CPI), a leading provider of physical infrastructure and power management solutions for data centers, recently announced a global partnership with Sunbird Software, a leading innovator in software solutions that simplify how data centers are managed.
The aircraft, operated by Sunbird Aviation, was travelling back to Kiunga from the remote Oksapmin in the Star Mountains, an area accessible only by air or foot.
The Sunbird Aviation aircraft crashed into swamp just short of the Kiunga airport runway, killing all passengers and the Australian pilot, according to Australian Broadcasting Corp.
J) has announced that it has entered into a partnership with Hotel Stay, an international luxury programme offering customers preferential rates in all local Sunbird hotels and other international hotels, car hire firms and airport lounges.
The scope of the acquisition includes Raritan's intelligent power and KVM businesses, while its Data Center Infrastructure Management software business would spin off into Sunbird Software, a new company and strategic partner of Raritan to be chaired by Ching-I Hsu, CEO and founder of Raritan.
the Palestine sunbird, also known as the northern orange-tufted sunbird, was
Among the vertebrates found there, more than half of the 49 species and subspecies of land birds breeding on the islands are endemic and include the world's largest sunbird as well as the smallest ibis.
Joshua Evans, 31, of 17 Sunbird Road, Spencer; Michael Coyne, 46, of 62 Harrington Farms Road, Shrewsbury; Robert Collins, 47, of 6 Palmieri Drive, Hudson; and Michelle Collins, 44, also of 6 Palmieri Drive, Hudson, were charged with conspiracy to violate drug laws.
For the new competition, the five-star Thai hotel has joined with the Patchi chocolate company and the Bradenton Prep Academy and American Academy in Dubai to invite any UAE residents aged 12 years and under to draw, colour or paint one of five selected Thai animals (the Asian Black Bear, Asian Elephant, Gibbon, Sunbird and Tiger) with the winning entries being used on the hotel's new children's chocolate range to be introduced across the hotel in the coming months.
The bird species found here include the small minivet, black-hooded oriole, mangrove whistler, cinnamon bittern, swamp francolin, grey-headed fishing eagle, brown fish owl, osprey, purple sunbird, pale-billed flowerpecker, loten's sunbird, striated babbler, striped tit-babbler, brown-cheeked fulvetta, lemon-rumped warbler, brown-winged kingfisher, purple heron, fulvous-breasted woodpecker, northern eagle owl.
Hummingbirds are an American species; the bird is a Palestine Sunbird Nectarinia osea.