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Noun1.sunrose - any plant of the genus Helianthemumsunrose - any plant of the genus Helianthemum; vigorous plants of stony alpine meadows and dry scrub regions
genus Helianthemum - widely distributed evergreen or semi-evergreen shrublets; America; Europe and North Africa to Asia Minor and central Asia
Crocanthemum canadense, frostweed, frost-weed, frostwort, Helianthemum canadense - perennial of the eastern United States having early solitary yellow flowers followed by late petalless flowers; so-called because ice crystals form on it during first frosts
rock rose, rockrose - any of numerous varieties of helianthemums having small rose-like yellow or white or reddish flowers
Helianthemum scoparium, rush rose - woody yellow-flowered perennial of southeastern United States
bush, shrub - a low woody perennial plant usually having several major stems
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As for shrubs, Bell recommends the varieties below, which are followed by their scientific names: Dwarf Strawberry bush, Arbutus unedo Compacta; Wild lilac, Ceanothus Victoria; Rockrose, Cistus x hybridus; Sunrose, Helianthemum nummularium; Flowering currant, Ribes sanguineum; and Lavender, Lavandula spp.
Sunrose Group LLC leased 3,000 s/f on the ground floor and 740 s/f square feet in the basement of 1400 Fifth Avenue.
As the sunrose, I judgedthatwe were heading in a generally easterly direction, the direction of Tbilisi.