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(Astronomy) moving in the same direction as the sun; clockwise



1. in the direction of the sun's apparent daily motion.
2. in a clockwise direction.
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It is best if the water you cross is south-running, as anything moving southwards, like anything moving sunwise, has positive and blessing qualities.
1] Division of Cancer Prevention, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, CDC; [2] Arizona SunWise Skin Cancer Prevention Program, Arizona Department of Health Services; [3] The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas; [4] Office of the Associate Director for Science, CDC; 5Office of the Surgeon General, U.
It is only recently that we abandoned a connection between time and the movement of the sun--which is why we now say clockwise instead of sunwise (as if clocks were wise).
I therefore made four sunwise animals and gave a couple of fun facts about how these animals protect their skin against the sun's strong UV rays.
Description: The SunWise Tool Kit is a collection of lessons and background information for teaching the SunWise Program.
But during his brief stay in the city, he met art critic and instructor Mary Mowbray-Clarke, who showed his works at her gallery, the Sunwise Turn Book shop, launching his career as a leading artist.
00 Ascot Sporting (50:30:20:10) 16-19 Junior, 14-17 Zigato, 13-16 Veiled, 8-11 Ashbrittle, 7-9 Plymouth Rock, 5-7 Ermyn Lodge, Australia Day, 4-6 Rattan, Sunwise, La Estrella, Palomar, 3-5 Tyrrells Wood, 2-4 Desert Sea, Yorgunnabelucky, Phoenix Flight, 1-3 Blizzard Blues, Becausewecan, Private Story, 0.
Nicholls' Sunwise looked less of a star on his own debut in the totesport.
Sunwise, who ran well on the Flat when trained by John Oxx, is an intriguing newcomer from the Nicholls stable in the totesport.
Schools can play a major role in preventing these adverse health effects by: (1) Instilling SunWise behaviors in students and staff through education; and (2) Providing a school environment that is SunWise, including both physical and policy enhancements.
With more spare time on his hands, the 37-year-old has become an ambassador for the Suncorp SunWise mission, which aims to spread the message about skin cancer and preventative measures that can be taken.
Forgotten The scheme follows a pilot in Cardiff, where council hostel manager Phill Lewis founded the group Sunwise two years ago to tackle the issue.