adj. Slang
Great; marvelous.

[Reduplication of super.]
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I have the genetic mutation BRCA2, a disorder that killed my mother, and four years ago it heralded superduper, triple-negative, basallike carcinoma in my breasts.
Superduper neuropsychologists could stimulate your brain so that you would think and feel you were writing a great novel, or making a friend, or reading an interesting book.
SLIDING DOWN A HUGE SLIPPERY SLIDE (13%) PLENTY of parks now have superduper slides but look for places like outdoor adventure playgrounds or woodland assault courses for some of the best.
To win the Champion Hurdle with Annie Power and now to win the Champion Hurdle here with this superduper sub is superb.
This week's instalment of misery was brought to you by Joleon Lescott (below), who thought it appropriate after the club's heaviest home defeat in over 80 years against Liverpool last week to tweet a picture of a superduper Mercedes.
What the dictator's son is actually telling us is this: Forget the recorded figure of 3,257 extrajudicial killings and over 2,520 salvaged victims during the Marcos years; forget the $10 billion estimated by the Presidential Commission on Good Government as the total booty looted by Marcos during his reign; forget that Marcos redrew the Philippines' political and economic map by instituting crony capitalism and creating a superduper political machine called the KBL (Kilusang Bagong Lipunan), which made political parties, the supposed breeding grounds for new generation of national leaders, unmitigated jokes; and forget that the Marcoses were chased out of Malacanang by People Power mounted by an angry citizenry that could and would no longer stomach the despot's rule.
But, at the same time as all these cutbacks of frontline troops take place, we are building, super-duper police headquarters, super-duper command centres, and finding the money to appoint superduper police commissioners.
Life as a dinosaur is pretty fun, but it makes drawing and doing makeup superduper hard.
But that debate may soon be diluted if plans for a new merger of east and west Superleagues into a two-tier Superduper League get the go-ahead The idea has been consistently snubbed by most of our top clubs and the game's rulers insist the plan will not go ahead without clubs' backing.
Well, Paul the big day is looming and I'm still no nearer to that superduper ever-so-fast broadband
Supersoft, supersheer and really just superduper, this buffs onto the skin to give a real glow and with a colour line-up that will cater for any skintone you won't struggle.
As can be seen from the results, the cross-polarization is always a superduper performance within the scan range of [+ or -]20[degrees].