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(Linguistics) linguistics a suprasegmental feature distinguishing the meaning or grammatical function of one word or phrase from that of another, as stress does for example between the noun conduct and the verb conduct
[from super- + -fix, on the model of prefix, suffix]


(ˈsu pərˌfɪks)

a suprasegmental feature having an identifiable meaning or grammatical function, as the stress pattern that distinguishes the noun record from the verb record.
[1945–50; super- + -fix, extracted from affix, infix, etc.]
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t," "gegrubt"), and less commonly, superfix and infix.
Tenders are invited for Adhesive Rubber Bond To Is: 2561/1963 Of Make: Superfix Sr-9000 Or Its Equivalent In Anabond/3M/Double Diamond Note: 1 Material Must Be In 5 Litres Can.
Caernarfon-based Superfix teamed up with Halen Mon to launch Sea Source, a therapeutic leg spray that is derived from a by-product of the latter's salt making process.
The product is the latest to a growing line-up of supplements which which are finding favour with horse owners: customers include four Cheltenham winners and 16% of the world's racehorse trainers Superfix was founded in 2007 by Paul and Carol Hughes at their Caernarfon home.
An example of one such collaboration is between Superfix Supplements Ltd based at Cwm y Glo, near Caernarfon, and the school.
Scarborough Building Society's amazing Superfix, for instance, is just 1.
where the A superfix denotes the adjoint matrix defined by
where the superfix ' denotes the derivative with respect to time.
Running their business Superfix from their home, using just two vans to deliver special supplements, the couple have been crowned winners of the Vanarama Van Hero Award 2015.
Tenders are invited for Adhesive Rubbe Bond For Automobiles To Is: 2561/1963 With Suitable Brand: Superfix Sr - 9000 Or Its Equivalent.
A chance meeting between Caernarfon company Superfix Supplements Ltd and Anglesey's Halen Mon at an entrepreneurial event held by Bangor University led to Bangor's School of Chemistry playing a crucial role in the development of the new therapeutic product for horses.
GWYNEDD based Superfix, which formulates and manufactures a range of supplements to benefit horse health, is making global contacts thanks to investment in social media training.