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A fluid, such as liquid helium, that flows with little or no friction at temperatures close to absolute zero.

su′per·flu·id′i·ty (-flo͞o-ĭd′ĭ-tē) n.


(General Physics) physics a fluid in a state characterized by a very low viscosity, high thermal conductivity, high capillarity, etc. The only known example is that of liquid helium at temperatures close to absolute zero
(General Physics) being or relating to a superfluid


(ˌsu pərˈflu ɪd)
a fluid having frictionless flow, high heat conductivity, and other unusual properties: helium below 2.186 K is the only known example.
su`per•flu•id′i•ty, n.
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We will produce strongly interacting fermi gases in one dimension and subjected to a spin-orbit coupling, Leading to a topological superfluid state.
Rhee made the remarks during a New Year seminar held by consulting firm EY Han Young under the theme of "Corporate Strategy in the Superfluid Era" at the Lotte Hotel in Jung-gu, Seoul.
Now, scientists at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (IST Austria) have shown that there is a much simpler way to observe such magnetic monopoles: They have demonstrated that superfluid helium droplets act as magnetic monopoles from the perspective of molecules that are immersed inside them.
Another 17 articles review the current status of such condensed matters as quantum Hall effects: discovery and application, extreme mechanics: self-folding origami, glass and jamming transitions: from exact results to finite-dimensional descriptions, diagonalizing transfer matrices and matrix product operators: a medley of exact and computational methods, and Andreev reflections in superfluid 3He: a probe for quantum turbulence.
17[degrees] Absolute, as superfluid in helium, 4He II, a quantum liquid.
Scientists discovered in 1937 that liquid helium-4, when chilled to extremely low temperatures, became a superfluid that could leak through glass, overflow its containers, or eternally gush like a fountain.
Our testers protect their face with three mini sun potions: Soap & Glory Make Yourself Youthful Sunshield Superfluid SPF50+, PS15 for 30ml, Boots I LOVED the summery scent of this UVA/UVB lotion.
Washington, Apr 13 ( ANI ): A team of astronomers from the University of Amsterdam has discovered that sudden speed jumps in the rotational velocity of pulsars have a minimum size, and that they are caused not by the unpinning and displacement of just one sub-surface superfluid vortex, but by billions.
The instruments were cryogenically cooled by superfluid liquid helium to -271[degrees]C (-456[degrees]F), which mission planners estimated would be exhausted in late March.
Distributed throughout the ring, 1,252 superconducting dipole magnets, each 15 metres in length, are cooled by superfluid helium.
As opposed to London's postulation about the superfluid component of liquid [sup.