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Lying or resting on or above something.

[Latin superincumbēns, superincumbent-, present participle of superincumbere, to lie on top of : super-, super- + incumbere, to lie down; see incumbent.]

su′per·in·cum′bence, su′per·in·cum′ben·cy n.


1. lying or being on top of something else
2. situated or suspended above; overhanging
ˌsuperinˈcumbence, ˌsuperinˈcumbency n
ˌsuperinˈcumbently adv


- Means "on the surface of" or "lying or resting upon."
See also related terms for resting.
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Adj.1.superincumbent - lying or resting on and exerting pressure on something else; "superincumbent layers of dead plants cut off the air and arrested decomposition"
superjacent - lying immediately above or on something else
References in classic literature ?
But in life --as we have elsewhere seen --this inclined plane is angularly filled up, and almost squared by the enormous superincumbent mass of the junk and sperm.
You might as well set Mount AEtna on them flat, and tell them to stand up under it, as tell me to elevate my servants under all the superincumbent mass of society upon them.
On the expiration of the half-hour Noel Vanstone presented himself at North Shingles, with the ardor of a lover burning inextinguishably in his bosom, through the superincumbent mental fog of a thoroughly bewildered man.