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Floating on the surface.
n. also su·per·nate (so͞o′pər-nāt′)
The clear fluid above a sediment or precipitate.

[Latin supernatāns, supernatant-, present participle of supernatāre, to float : super-, super- + natāre, to swim, frequentative of nāre; see snā- in Indo-European roots.]


a supernatant liquid
to float on (a surface)
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After sludge-washing, the stirrer was lifted, the supernate was decanted after 30 min of settling, and the residue was then weighed and transferred into a dry oven to be dried at 105[degrees]C for 4 h.
The mixture was vortexed for 30 s and centrifuged at 10,000 rpm for 10 min to get supernate, and then 10 [micro]l supernate of each sample was injected into high-performance liquid chromatography HPLC column for analysis (Chertov et al.
This purification procedure provides a new, high efficiency method for the extraction of high purity rSLZ from culture supernate.
This is due to fluoride precipitation during the long centrifugation step resulting in lower fluoride concentrations in the supernate.
DNA ploidy of bladder cancer using bladder biopsy supernate specimens.
Briefly, about 4 ml of of urine was centrifuged 2000xg for 15 min and pellet was treated with universal solution as per the package insert supplied in the kit and after boiling step the supernate was used for doing ELISA.
The absorbance of the supernate was determined spectrophotometrically at A530 (peak absorbance of anthocyanin) and at A637 (peak absorbance of degraded products of chlorophyll in acidic methanol).
After spinning at x 14,000g, the supernate was transferred to new tubes and extracted twice with an equal volume of phenol:chloroform:isoamyl alcohol (25:24:1) using the Eppendorpf Phase-Lok system (Westbury, NY).
Second (Jun 2005) Supernate cocktail from first infectivity trial (P1), strains 149 and flag2 tested alone (P0 stool samples).
The acellular supernate from the first lavage was saved separately from subsequent lavages for analysis of lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) activity and protein content.
For virus isolation, frozen tissues were homogenized, the supernate filtered through a 0.
75-77] These unbound remnants remain in the supernate and have been identified as remnant-like particles (RLP).