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(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a less common word for supranational
ˌsuperˈnationalism n
ˌsuperˈnationalist n
ˌsuperˈnationally adv


(ˌsu pərˈnæʃ ə nl)

tending to involve, or extending authority over, more than one nation; international.
su`per•na′tion•al•ism, n.
su`per•na′tion•al•ly, adv.
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Tenders are invited for Ward No 21 Ravatyana Chaukabag Me Supernational Electric Works Ki Dukan Se Dr.
The third perspective on globalization (the transformative approach) takes into consideration the consequences of sovereignty erosion as a result of supernational organizations and transnational companies that generate authority diffusion (25).
See Brandolini (2009) for the issues that arise in computing a supernational measure of income inequality.
Add to that the cultural pressure generated by the accompanying criticism produced in the West that would actually allow only the supratribal, supernational communities to be capable of participating in the European cultural crisis, and the picture gets clearer.
He has been competing in rallycross since 2002 and last year he lined up in a Supernational car until an accident that left him with a fractured spine.
In a press conference at Vote Leave headquarters in London, Mr Johnson said there was no need for "haste" or for invoking the Article, but said work should begin to "extricate this country from the supernational system".
One-off policy measures of supernational scope, for example, European directives, are subsumed into the common factors.
Of the two pillars, a common currency and a new supernational state, the first was implemented with the Maastricht Treaty (Treaty on the European Union 1992) and the entry into circulation of the Euro in 2001.
Russia has transformed the Customs Union into a more comprehensive Eurasian Economic Union (EEU), which has begun the long and arduous process of harmonizing legal and regulatory frameworks between member states and setting up supernational governance bodies that will have authority over certain areas of economic policy.
The effect was the formation of a new supernational system of political control in the eastern Mediterranean basin which produced the pax Assyriaca, 70 years of unparalleled growth and development, and an international trading network which spanned the Mediterranean, stimulating Phoenician trade and colonization in the west.
One possible solution to this dilemma would entail the creation of a supernational regulatory entity, which would marshal the most up-to-date research to analyze existing risks and then either mandate or recommend that individual nations adopt appropriate regulations.
The WHO document recommends average pricing is with reference to procurement of drugs in only public hospitals and rules applicable for purchasing from NGO like GAVI and supernational organizations.