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1. The quality of being supernatural.
2. Belief in a supernatural agency that intervenes in the course of natural laws.

su′per·nat′u·ral·ist n.
su′per·nat′u·ral·is′tic adj.
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Adj.1.supernaturalistic - of or relating to supernaturalism; "supernaturalist beliefs"
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The 35-year-old is behind the two studio albums Supernaturalistic, released in 2008, and Eleve11, released in 2011.
Payne, supra note 14, at 104, 108-09 (arguing that these critics refuse "to view [their] biblical subject within a supernaturalistic framework, which alone is appropriate to its divine nature").
In a little more detail the questions the editors pose are (a) whether (natural) scientific modes of understanding or a scientific ontology are adequate to giving an understanding of human beings and their characteristics/products (language, reason, morality, society, science itself); and (b) whether, if this is not the case, there need be a threat to a liberal naturalism which, whilst denying that science explains everything, is not supernaturalistic in positing anything that breaks with scientific fact.