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1. Of or relating to existence outside the natural world.
2. Attributed to a power that seems to violate or go beyond natural forces.
3. Of or relating to a deity.
4. Of or relating to the immediate exercise of divine power; miraculous.
5. Of or relating to the miraculous.
That which is supernatural.

su′per·nat′u·ral·ly adv.
su′per·nat′u·ral·ness n.
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Noun1.supernaturalness - the quality of being attributed to power that seems to violate or go beyond natural forces
unnaturalness - the quality of being unnatural or not based on natural principles
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and once more the high tapering flames were beheld with what seemed redoubled supernaturalness in their pallor.
In religious art, it is a window--as art historian Erwin Panofsky puts it--onto "the realm of the visionary, where the miraculous becomes a direct experience of the beholder, in that the supernatural events in a sense erupt into his own, apparently natural, visual space and so permit him really to `internalize' their supernaturalness.
Rather, he is using these reactions to highlight the supernaturalness of Jesus' resurrection.