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a. superolateral, en posición superior y lateral.
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The surgeries were performed via a deltopectoral or superolateral approach.
Recurrent superolateral subluxation or dislocation is common.
Preoperative computed tomography demonstrated an unusually distended bony canal that passed through the superolateral portion of the right petrous bone.
49) Generally, the anteriormedial portion of the capsule is innervated by the branches of the obturator nerve, anterolateral capsule branches of the femoral nerve, posteromedial joint from branches of the sciatic nerve, and/or nerve to quadratus femoris, superolateral (posterior and anterior) from branches of the superior gluteal nerve.
Plain radiography showed colonic faecal loading with superolateral displacement of bowel loops by the gravid uterus, without evidence of obstruction or free sub-diaphragmatic air.
Tears are produced by the main lacrimal gland, which sits in the superolateral part of the anterior orbit.
A 24-year-old woman from Van Wyksvlei was referred to the surgical clinic with a lump in the superolateral quadrant of the left breast.
Sol asetebulum superolateral kesiminde osteotomi ile uyumlu olarak eklem icinde hava dansiteleri mevcut.
The IEA forms the superolateral border of Hesselbach's triangle with the rectus abdominis and the inguinal ligament forming the medial and inferior borders respectively (Figure 1).
The main lacrimal gland is located in the superolateral part of the orbit.
Lead aVL faces the superolateral wall of the left ventricle and is therefore the most sensitive lead reciprocal to the inferior wall.
We recommend that the superolateral gluteal area between the crest of the ilium and the greater trochanter be properly defined as the preferred site for IM injection (Bigos & Coleman, 1984).