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(ˌsu pərˈsɛn sə ri)

1. beyond the senses.
2. independent of the organs of sense.
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Plato's theological conception of the forms 'makes sense of the intelligible order as a whole only by postulating a supersensory realm, the comparison with which degrades the finite world of mortal experience' (112).
Even in the Renaissance drama, which Lukacs includes with the admired "old" the ancient mysteries are not truly replicated, even through supersensory depictions, as in Shakepearean tragedy.
For Corbin, the imaginal signifies all that we come upon in the realm of "the Angel," a transcendent dimension humans can enter only through the cultivation of vision: "Its growth is concomitant with a visionary apperception, giving shape to the supersensory perceptions and constituting that totality of ways of knowing that can be grouped under the term hierognosis.
No stroke of a mother's hand or song from her lips consoles this child, for tetanus is a wicked, supersensory disease.
James McAvoy, sporting a swell American accent, is certain to build on his big-screen appeal as Wesley Gibson, a put-upon account executive who discovers that his long-absent father belonged to a centuries-old league of supersensory assassins known as the Fraternity.
But bats didn't always have such supersensory skills, say scientists who have found a fossil of one of the world's most ancient bats.
The supersensory results of being a liar deserve closer attention.
To put is simply, a discarnate supersensory hylic ponderable somatic macrocosm that lifts the nebula tectonics to a sphere never before encountered on a rubbish dump.
People with supersensory sight will see radar, infrared, and ultraviolet images, and those with augmented hearing will detect softer, higher, and lower sounds.
Thus dream images are perceived in sensory form, yet they are animated by a formless awareness, or, as the Shaykh often puts it, they manifest "meanings" (maani), which are supersensory realities.
Network planners are future-proofing their infrastructures to prepare for the next generation of applications, including multiple HD streams, supersensory gaming and the rapid evolution cycles associated with user generated content.