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1. Having, caused by, or relating to a speed greater than the speed of sound in a given medium, especially air.
2. Of or relating to sound waves with a frequency above the range audible to the human ear; ultrasonic.

su′per·son′i·cal·ly adv.


[ˈsuːpəˈsɒnɪkəlɪ] ADV [fly] → a velocidad supersónica
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That means that you're either making compromises for the vehicle to fly sub-sonically and supersonically, which hurts its performance, or you're modifying the propulsion system.
Magma uses two new technologies - Wing Circulation Control, which takes air from the aircraft engine and blows it supersonically through the trailing edge of the wing to provide control for the aircraft, and Fluidic Thrust Vectoring, which uses blown air to deflect the exhaust, allowing for the direction of the aircraft to be changed.
In addition, 70 years after coming to the desert outpost to test the first X-plane to reach flight supersonically, the center is pursuing research that could lead to another fast but quieter X-plane.
Discrete breathers could be mobile (subsonic or otherwise), pinned, or even impossible depending indeed on parameter values, whereas solitons would always be supersonically moving [15,16].
Like the decade that preceded it, the 1980s produced only one X-plane, which is notable because it introduced the forward-swept wing design, advanced composites, and other aerodynamic advances that allowed it to fly supersonically.
Often, to the point that he was totally shielded from reality, filtered through her prism and finally so out of synch with things as they were, his company flew supersonically into the red.
We could operate above 55,000' supersonically, although our maximum speed was somewhere between 35-40,000'.
5]OH/TEOS = 24) was added and oscillated supersonically for 1-2 h.
Despite the promise of extra missiles, the crews pointed out (correctly) that because Warhawks cannot fly either extremely high or supersonically, the advanced medium-range air-to-air missiles launched from those platforms lacked a running start and could not match the range of fighter-launched weapons.
Meanwhile, supersonically camp Mark Francis couldn't remember any of the assembled privately "educated" airheads' names.