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intr.v. su·per·vened, su·per·ven·ing, su·per·venes
1. To come or occur as something extraneous, additional, or unexpected.
2. To follow immediately after; ensue.
3. Philosophy To be dependent on a set of facts or properties in such a way that change is possible only if change occurs in those facts or properties.

[Latin supervenīre : super-, super- + venīre, to come; see gwā- in the Appendix of Indo-European roots.]

su′per·ven′ient (-vēn′yənt) adj.
su′per·ven′ience (-vēn′yəns) n.
su′per·ven′tion (-vĕn′shən) n.


1. (Logic) supervening
2. (Philosophy) philosophy (of a property) inseparable from the other properties of something. Two objects may be identical except that one is red and the other not, but they cannot be identical except that one is beautiful and the other not; beauty is thus a supervenient property
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Not part of the real or essential nature of a thing:
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13] Another study suggests that fluoroquinolones led to upregulation of the multidrug efflux pump MexEF-OprN and reduced levels of OprD porin,[17] with supervenient resistance to both fluoroquinolone and carbapenems.
courtesy, a chief sinner who could only hope for supervenient grace.
What differentiates the resulting form of structural realism from standard scientific realism is that the latter regards the mind-independent modal relations between phenomena as supervenient on the properties of unobservable objects and the external relations between them, rather than this structure being ontologically basic.
issues from neither a supervenient, expressive self nor an
Mark Bedau supports the notion that weak emergent structures, such as a tornado from air particles, have macrostates that are supervenient to the underlying microstate (38).
When group agency emerges, however, it shares similar characteristics with other supervenient relationships.
Invoking property duality or triality has an added benefit to help explain to those skeptics of emergence how a supervenient system can have properties not possessed by its components.
44r/ Feare of other superinducted Laws and Government, mutuall pactions and such like, may (h) give an external and adventitious coercion to him to observe those Common Rules of Reason by which such Lawes are superinducted, and in conformity whereunto they are made; yett still the Rule of Reason simply consider'd (excluding the authority of the Supream Legislator) would stil (i) be without the true formall Nature of a Law, because tho it were an excellent Rule, yet it would induce no Obligation upon him that hath it but he might use, or not use it (j) at his pleasure, if he can but deliver himself from the Difficultys of other external supervenient Government (k) Laws or Penaltys either by Secrecy or Power.
What Wilberforce means by "real Christianity" sits comfortably with the supervenient concept of duty and self-sacrifice in Britain's imperial cause, allied to a strong sense of paternalist responsibility for those less civilized, or less economically advanced.
For truly, despite the apparent algorithmic inexorability of Malthus's principle, what strikes this reader is Malthus's interest in imagining the potentially supervenient consciousnessness of his geometrically-reproducing subjects--the consciousnesses of men, it should be said: for aside from a few brief albeit extremely interesting forays, Malthus is overwhelmingly interested in the male subject, and in a particular kind of male subject.
Insofar as it evokes a sensorium and a voice in excess of any subject, the scene does indeed suggest the supervenient dimensions of the social, of affordances beyond our claims upon them.
That is because of the possibility of causation by supervenient facts.