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A muscle, especially in the forearm, that effects or assists supination.


(ˈsuːpɪˌneɪtə; ˈsjuː-)
(Anatomy) anatomy the muscle of the forearm that can produce the motion of supination


(ˈsu pəˌneɪ tər)

a muscle in the forearm that rotates the radius outward.
[1605–15; < New Latin; see supinate, -tor]
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Noun1.supinator - a muscle (especially in the forearm) that produces or assists in supinationsupinator - a muscle (especially in the forearm) that produces or assists in supination
muscle, musculus - one of the contractile organs of the body
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The superficial head of the supinator muscle along the arcade of Frohse is the most common site of nerve entrapment, where a thick fibrous band may exist along the arcade of Frohse.
Subsequently, Cook et al (6) examined the reliability and sensitivity of 7 clinical tests: Babinski sign, clonus, Hoffmann sign, inverted supinator sign, hand withdrawal reflex, suprapatellar quadriceps reflex, and upper extremity deep tendon reflexes.
He was areflexic in the legs with either hyporeflexia (biceps and supinator reflexes) or areflexia (triceps reflexes) in the arms.
It functions as the primary supinator of the forearm and the secondary flexor of the forearm along with the brachialis.
73) "[P]aralysis of the muscles of the upper arm (deltoid, biceps, anterior brachial, and long supinator muscles) due to a lesion of the brachial plexus or of the roots of the fifth and sixth cervical nerves.
Physical findings associated with each spinal level Root Pain Weakness Sensory Reflex distribution loss loss C5 Lateral upper Deltoid Lateral Biceps arm upper arm reflex C6 Lateral forearm Biceps, Thumb and Supinator Thumb, index brachioradialis index (+biceps) finger Wrist extensors finger reflex C7 Posterior arm, Triceps, wrist Posterior Triceps middle finger flexors forearm, reflex index and middle finger C8 Medial forearm, Intrinsic hand Little Triceps small finger muscles, finger reflex abductors, finger extension
In PIN palsy, a bulging mass due to chronic proliferative synovitis or acute/subacute synovial effusion of the elbow joint may cause compression of the PIN against the fibrous edge of the supinator muscle.
supinator, pronator quadratus, and pronator teres) would all be missing following a transhumeral amputation.
Yazici krampinda sik enjeksiyon yapilan kaslar ve dozlar Kaslar Dozlar Fleksor digitorum superfisyalis 25-50 U BOTOX[R]-75-150 U DYSPORT[R] Fleksor digitorum profundus 20-40 U BOTOX[R]-60-120 U DYSPORT[R] Fleksor pollisis longus 10-20 U BOTOX[R]-30-50 U DYSPORT[R] Fleksor karpi ulnaris 20-40 U BOTOX[R]-60-120 U DYSPORT[R] Fleksor karpi radyalis 25-50 U BOTOX[R]-75-150 U DYSPORT[R] Ekstensor pollisis longus 10-20 U BOTOX[R]-30-50 U DYSPORT[R] Pronator teres 20-30 U BOTOX[R]-60-100 U DYSPORT[R] Ekstansor digitorum komunis 15-25 U BOTOX[R]-50-75 U DYSPORT[R] Supinator 10-20 U BOTOX[R]-30-50 U DYSPORT[R] Lumbrikaller/ekstensor indisis 5-10 U BOTOX[R]-15-30 U DYSPORT[R] proprius
Reflex Assessment--Upper limb Assessment# Nerve# (Relax Limb)# Reflex# Root# Place finger over bicep, Bicep C5#, C6 tap finger with tendon hammer, watch bicep contraction Place finger over radial Brachioradialus C6#, C5 tubersosity, tap finger or supinator watch brachioradialus Tap tendon hammer Triceps C7# directly on the triceps tendon, watch muscle Note.