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1. supplement.
2. supplementary.
Also, suppl.
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One observer held that Tan Sri had national ambitions, and these showed themselves when the SUPP nominated him to the Federal House of Representatives (Dewan Rayat) in 1964.
Gradually, pragmatism prevailed and prior to the 1970 Sarawak elections, the SUPP top leaders decided that to be effective the party must be prepared to form alliances with non-socialist political parties to become part of the next Sarawak government.
We are not told of any action by or disquiet in the SUPP on the well-publicized use of logging licences for political purposes revealed at the time of the struggle for power between Abdul Rahman Yakub and Taib Mahmud (Sarawak Tribune, 15 December 1977 and 25 March 1987).