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1. supplement.
2. supplementary.
Also, suppl.
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Gradually, pragmatism prevailed and prior to the 1970 Sarawak elections, the SUPP top leaders decided that to be effective the party must be prepared to form alliances with non-socialist political parties to become part of the next Sarawak government.
Tan Sri appreciated the trappings of power and was grateful that the Tunku and Tun Razak accepted the SUPP into the government fold.
He did not seek re-election as Chairman of the SUPP in 1982.
The position was further complicated by communist infiltration of the SUPP -- its first executive secretary was a communist and its first publicity chief was the head of the Clandestine Communist Organisation of Sarawak (p.
The SUPP refusal to acknowledge that it was infiltrated by communists in its early years and its refusal to take any action resulted in the party being in the political doldrums during that crucial era.