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Asking humbly and earnestly; beseeching.
A supplicant.

[From Middle English, one who supplicates, from Old French, present participle of supplier, to entreat, from Latin supplicāre; see supplicate.]

sup′pli·ance n.
sup′pli·ant·ly adv.


(ˈsʌp li əns)

appeal; entreaty; plea.
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It will make in all three thousand francs," said the old man, smiling agreeably, but folding his hands in instinctive suppliance.
Responsibility entailed accounting for one's actions, dutiful suppliance, contractual obligation, and calculated reciprocity.
More specifically, variability in the suppliance of verbal endings is common in L2 learners with different language backgrounds, as has been observed in learners' use of non-finite forms in target languages with rich verbal morphology (e.
Past forms in the cues were not always read or paraphrased accurately, but overall there was more accurate suppliance of past than in the interview tasks where students had to generate the forms themselves.
The thing about violets is that no response to them lasts long; as Shakespeare in Hamlet put it, they are Forward, not permanent, sweet, not lasting, The perfume and suppliance of a minute