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a pipe connecting mains with a dwelling, as in gas pipes, and the like.

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Meanwhile, Chief Warden Civil Defense Niamat Ali Advocate has said that the leakages in water supply pipe breaking Hepatitis A and B among the people of Bannu.
FAN heaters and hot plates for warming food are being drafted into a valley village where gas supplies have been cut off by water seeping into a supply pipe.
The occupier had been burning rubbish outside when the fire got too close to the building and burned through the external gas supply pipe.
The miscreants allegedly cut six copper pipes that were used to transport water from the main supply pipe.
TATA Steel has been awarded a massive eight-figure contract to supply pipe for a new crude oil export pipeline in the Gulf of Mexico.
The solitary water supply pipe line has been dismantled by municipal workers and we are left with no source to get potable water, said a group of house wives.
The gas will be upgraded to natural gas quality and taken directly into Gasunie's high-pressure pipeline system via a supply pipe.
MORE than 4,000 households are facing their fifth day without gas after bungling workers burst a main supply pipe.
Guyer's "fix" is something like putting several faucets at a sink in case one fails, but tying them all to the same supply pipe.
Clerk of the course Chris Stickels said there was now a completely new watering supply pipe after the replacement of an irrigation ring main.
The PTT board of directors last week agreed to award two separate contracts to supply pipe for the project, worth a total of $147 million, to Napa Pipe and a six-company Japanese consortium.
com/reports/c83408) has announced the addition of "Design of Water Supply Pipe Networks" to their offering.