supply ship

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: ship - ship that usually provides supplies to other shipssupply ship - ship that usually provides supplies to other ships
ship - a vessel that carries passengers or freight
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The newly built Asterix supply ship by Davie Shipbuilding and Federal Fleet Services has been formally accepted by the Department of National Defence following an intensive period of at-sea trials and testing.
Izumo reportedly joined a US supply ship into the western Pacific
Without a supply ship, the RCN cannot send out a fleet of frigates; it can only send them out individually.
There was another aircraft in the VERTREP pattern organic to the supply ship that did not have external wings or an internal aux tank installed and therefore could lift heavier loads.
The SpaceX company's supply ship, Dragon, pulled up at the orbiting lab two days after its liftoff.
That's because the previous supply ship -- owned by another company -- was destroyed in an October launch explosion.
A RUSSIAN supply ship has arrived at the International Space Station with a load of fresh supplies, hours after a US cargo mission ended in flames.
This is a quarter of Laird''s workforce as the contract to get this Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) supply ship is so big and important to the Wirral shipyard and numerous other local companies.
Royal Canadian Navy vessel HMCS Protecteur, a supply ship with 24,700 ton full load, reported the fire at 10:20 p.
They'll return to Earth aboard another company's supply ship, the SpaceX Dragon.
It took several hours to ferry passengers to a supply ship, the Aurora Australis.
Summary: A United States Navy supply ship opened fire on Monday evening on a fishing boat near the mouth of Jebel Ali Port in the emirate of Dubai, a UAE Foreign Ministry official said.