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1. Of, relating to, or being an economic theory holding that increased availability of money for investment, achieved through reduction of taxes especially in the higher tax brackets, will increase productivity, economic activity, and income throughout the economic system.
2. Of or relating to the supply of a good or service, as opposed to the demand for it: Drought and other supply-side problems are driving up the price of corn.

supply side n.
sup·ply′-sid′er n.


of or denoting the hypothesis in economics that reduced taxes will stimulate investment and economic growth.
Compare demand-side.
supply′-sid`er, n.


[səˈplaɪˌsaɪd] ADJ supply-side economicseconomía f de oferta
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During his New Year address, Hollande turned into a rhetorical supply-sider, making the case for cutting taxes and public spending, improving competitiveness, and creating a more investor-friendly climate.
The Midwestern kid was guided by what David Stockman calls "Irving Kristol's ex-Trotskyites" turned neo-cons; Jack Kemp, the cheery supply-sider who actually cared about the disadvantaged, and by one of Kemp's favourite authors, Russian emigre and cult leader Ayn (pronounced like swine, as she used to say) Rand.
The original supply-sider in the modern era was John F.
Once famous for being reflexively dirigiste, France now has a born-again supply-sider in Nicolas Sarkozy who wants to offer tax incentives that reward employees for work and businesses to invest.
Boskin is basically a supply-sider who was considered one of the more conservative White House aides during the first Bush presidency.
Only a decade ago, the idea of lowering trade barriers was considered a bit radical, political heresy and the province of supply-sider economists.
But when he turns his attention to the economy, he presents himself as an orthodox, Reaganite supply-sider on taxes (in the finest libertarian tradition, he calls it a "freedom issue") and as a proponent of George W.
To a supply-sider government is a kind of business.
Senator from Kansas is a proud member of the rightist Catholic cult Opus Dei and a culture warrior and supply-sider of the first degree.
Adds Dan Mitchell of the conservative Heritage Foundation: "George Bush is the biggest supply-sider in the White House, [but his political guru] Karl Rove wants to see him elected.
Secretary of the Treasury, together with Michael Novak, a permanent fixture at the conservative American Enterprise Institute and supply-sider extraordinaire, mustered a capitalist rearguard action to make the bishops look like a bunch of socialist Pollyannas.
But thanks to advanced placement math and a supply-sider dad, he can also handicap how much that bat and glove might fetch, say, 20 years hence, if autographed by their namesakes.