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a supposition


(səˈpoʊ zəl)

1. the act of supposing.
2. something that is supposed; conjecture or notion.
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Noun1.supposal - a hypothesis that is taken for granted; "any society is built upon certain assumptions"
conclusion - an intuitive assumption; "jump to a conclusion"
cornerstone, fundament, groundwork, basis, foundation, base - the fundamental assumptions from which something is begun or developed or calculated or explained; "the whole argument rested on a basis of conjecture"
hypothesis, theory, possibility - a tentative insight into the natural world; a concept that is not yet verified but that if true would explain certain facts or phenomena; "a scientific hypothesis that survives experimental testing becomes a scientific theory"; "he proposed a fresh theory of alkalis that later was accepted in chemical practices"
given, presumption, precondition - an assumption that is taken for granted
basic assumption, constatation, self-evident truth - an assumption that is basic to an argument
2.supposal - the cognitive process of supposing
conjecture - reasoning that involves the formation of conclusions from incomplete evidence
presupposition - the act of presupposing; a supposition made prior to having knowledge (as for the purpose of argument)
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The board also discussed the recent UMWA rejection of a supposal made by the college to the UMWA membership for better pay equity based on job position skill requirements.
In a press conference on Saturday evening, Duterte said he found the reports of his supposal falling out with Quiboloy absurd, insisting his relationship with the televangelist had not changed.
Similarly, Lewis prefaces The Great Divorce with the claim that "the transmortal conditions" of the book "are solely an imaginative supposal.
The lexicographical method consists of the supposal and it is that the biggest influence has the most important criteria.