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Located above the orbit of the eye: the supraorbital ridge.


(ˌsuːprəˈɔːbɪtəl; ˌsjuː-)
(Anatomy) anatomy situated above the orbit


(ˌsu prəˈɔr bɪ tl)

situated above the eye socket.
[1820–30; < New Latin]
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Adj.1.supraorbital - located or occurring above the eye socket
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2D) is distinctly poraspid with the lateral longitudinal canals connected to the infraorbital and supraorbital canals and the supraorbital canals meeting behind the pineal.
A thorough knowledge of neurovascular exit points from orbit to supraorbital region is essential in determining the technique used by the surgeon in maxillofacial, ophthalmologic and plastic surgery (Janis et al.
Endoscopic trans(naso)orbital management of supraorbital mucoceles with biliary T-tube stenting.
First of all, the supraorbital foramen was palpated with the index finger of right hand.
Supraorbital roof fractures: A formidable entity with which to contend.
At admission, the patient was complaining of the right-sided supraorbital pain that expanded into the infraorbital area.
Make an eyebrow incision which starts internally from the outer edge of the supraorbital foramen and ends externally at the outer edge of the eyebrow.
Hypoplasia of intraoral accessory glands resulting in xerostomia, dry and cracked lips, prominent supraorbital ridge, frontal bossing, sunken cheeks, retruded appearance of the midface, total absence of teeth (anodontia), partial absence of teeth (hypodontia), reduced vertical dimension of face, malformed teeth, dry and pale oral mucosa, absence or reduced vermilion, and old appearance of face.
After four years PTSD receded with hand treatment to the jaw and occipital area at the base of the cranium when frontal supraorbital tension occurred.
Unfortunately, it also offers pressure on the infraorbital and supraorbital nerve and makes the patient difficult to differentiate the pain caused by compression of a nerve from that of sinusitis.
Electrical stimuli were applied to the supraorbital nerve at the supraorbital foramen and eyebrow.
Rostrum without scales between the lacrimal and supraorbital crest Neocyttus psilorrhynchus.