supraorbital ridge

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Noun1.supraorbital ridge - a ridge on the frontal bone above the eye socketsupraorbital ridge - a ridge on the frontal bone above the eye socket
ridge - any long raised border or margin of a bone or tooth or membrane
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Hypoplasia of intraoral accessory glands resulting in xerostomia, dry and cracked lips, prominent supraorbital ridge, frontal bossing, sunken cheeks, retruded appearance of the midface, total absence of teeth (anodontia), partial absence of teeth (hypodontia), reduced vertical dimension of face, malformed teeth, dry and pale oral mucosa, absence or reduced vermilion, and old appearance of face.
Supraorbital ridge high, continuing Cristacirrhitus more than half eye diameter posterior to orbit; lower opercular spine acute, forming an angle of 45[degrees] or less; no scales in interorbital space; pectoral fins reaching slightly beyond a vertical at tips of pelvic fins; body depth 3.
In late 1999, Vadhana Subhavan and Somsak Pramankij, researchers from Thailand's Sood Sangvichien Prehistoric Museum and Laboratory, found four pieces of frontal bone, discovered to be 500,000 to 1 million years old, that are the upper part of a supraorbital ridge from a skull.