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Of, relating to, or capable of staining living cells after their removal from a living or recently dead organism: a supravital dye.


(Pathology) (of a stain) relating to living tissue outside of the body


(ˌsu prəˈvaɪt l)

pertaining to or involving a staining method for a preparation of living cells.
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Manual evaluation of urine sediment may be further enhanced by using supravital stains such as crystal violet/safranin O stain and phase miscroscopy.
2,3) The initial description of retPLTs dates from 1969, when Ingram and Coopersmith (4) observed coarsely punctuated reticulum in canine platelets after supravital staining with new methylene blue.
The reference staining method for the manual reticulocyte count uses a dye such as new methylene blue and supravital staining (2).
Supravital staining differentiates between live and dead sperm and is assessed when sperm motility is <50%.
A 50-[micro]L drop of frozen-thawed semen was placed on a pre-warmed slide and mixed with 50 [micro]l drop of the supravital stain [1% (w/v) eosin B, 5% (w/v) nigrosin in 3% tri-sodium citrate dehydrate solution] to prepare a thin smear [20].
Methods for Reticulocyte Counting (Automated Blood Cell Counters, Flow Cytometry and Supravital Dyes); Approved Guideline- Second Edition H44-A2.
Supravital exposure to propidium iodide identities apoptotic cells in the absence of nucleosomal DNA fragmentation.