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Noun1.supremacism - the belief that some particular group or race is superior to all others; "white supremacism"
belief - any cognitive content held as true
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Spencer said the criticism of his remarks "is a common, frequently used tactic to divert attention from the grim reality of how jihadists use the texts and teachings of Islam to justify violence and supremacism.
The Rajapaksas are Sinhala supremacist - but only as long as Sinhala supremacism serves their purpose.
Under Saddam Hussein, Arab nationalism meant Sunni supremacism and the violent suppression of Kurds and Shiites.
Miller is absolutely right in rejecting "patriarchy, racial supremacism, religious discrimination and zealotry, ecologically doubtful customs and other illiberal sentiments.
Claims about Barton's connections to white supremacism go back to 1991, when the Institute for First Amendment Studies reported that the Religious Right leader had addressed a gathering in Colorado sponsored by Scriptures for America, a group headed by an extremist preacher named Pete Peters.
ALONG with the Lebanon War of 2006, one of the few wars in which my side won (so far) was the struggle to defeat Apartheid - white supremacism - in South Africa.
True, he is generally loathed by Israeli Jews, but chiefly because they regard his brand of Islamic dogma as incompatible with the state ideology of Jewish supremacism.
Three years later, 12 MAUP professors unanimously lauded his dissertation, "Zionism as a form of Ethnic Supremacism," and awarded him a Ph.
That was never true of West, who emphasized cultural criticism, writing about popular music, television, sexuality, identity politics, black culture, white supremacism, the culture of nihilism, and the cultural limitations of progressive organizations dominated by whites.
The buoyant faith of Muslims, with its attendant jihadi sensibility and Islamic supremacism, could not differ more from that of lapsed European Christians.
As part of the plea deal, Poundstone must serve three years of post-prison supervision during which he is forbidden from possessing publications or materials related to white supremacism, and from having contact with white supremacists.
They see their world of heterosexual supremacism crumbling, so they lash out.