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1. Greatest in power, authority, or rank; paramount or dominant.
2. Greatest in importance, degree, significance, character, or achievement.
3. Ultimate; final: the supreme sacrifice.

[Latin suprēmus, superlative of superus, upper, from super, over; see uper in Indo-European roots.]

su·preme′ly adv.
su·preme′ness n.


 (so͝o-prēm′, -prĕm′)
1. A rich sauce made with chicken stock and cream.
2. A dish made or served with this sauce, especially the breast and wing of chicken or other fowl.
a. A sherbet glass with a large bowl.
b. A dessert served in such a glass.
a. A container, such as a glass bowl, used for serving cold food in an inner container that nestles on crushed or cracked ice.
b. Food served in such a vessel.

[French, supreme, suprême, from Latin suprēmus, supreme; see supreme.]


(sʊˈpriːm; sjʊ-)
1. of highest status or power: a supreme tribunal.
2. (usually prenominal) of highest quality, importance, etc: supreme endeavour.
3. greatest in degree; extreme: supreme folly.
4. (prenominal) final or last, esp being last in one's life or progress; ultimate: the supreme judgment.
[C16: from Latin suprēmus highest, from superus that is above, from super above]
suˈpremely adv
suˈpremeness n


(sʊˈpriːm; -ˈprɛm; sjʊ-)
1. (Cookery) Also called: suprême sauce a rich velouté sauce made with a base of veal or chicken stock, with cream or egg yolks added
2. (Cookery) the best or most delicate part of meat, esp the breast and wing of chicken, cooked in suprême sauce
[French: supreme]


(səˈprim, sʊ-)

1. highest in rank or authority; paramount; sovereign; chief.
2. of the highest quality, degree, character, importance, etc.
3. greatest, utmost, or extreme.
4. last or final; ultimate.
[1510–20; < Latin suprēmus, superlative of superus upper, adj. derivative of super (see super-)]
su•preme′ly, adv.
su•preme′ness, n.


(səˈprim, -ˈpreɪm, sʊ-; Fr. süˈprɛm)

1. a velouté sauce made with chicken stock.
2. a dish prepared with this sauce, esp. boned chicken breast.
[1810–15; < French < Latin suprēmus supreme]


- Ultimately from Latin supra, "above," which begat supremus, "highest."
See also related terms for highest.
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Adj.1.supreme - final or last in your life or progress; "the supreme sacrifice"; "the supreme judgment"
ultimate - furthest or highest in degree or order; utmost or extreme; "the ultimate achievement"; "the ultimate question"; "man's ultimate destiny"; "the ultimate insult"; "one's ultimate goal in life"
2.supreme - greatest in status or authority or power; "a supreme tribunal"
dominant - exercising influence or control; "television plays a dominant role in molding public opinion"; "the dominant partner in the marriage"
3.supreme - highest in excellence or achievement; "supreme among musicians"; "a supreme endxxeavor"; "supreme courage"
superior - of high or superior quality or performance; "superior wisdom derived from experience"; "superior math students"
4.supreme - greatest or maximal in degree; extreme; "supreme folly"
maximal, maximum - the greatest or most complete or best possible; "maximal expansion"; "maximum pressure"


1. paramount, surpassing, superlative, prevailing, sovereign, predominant, incomparable, mother of all (informal), unsurpassed, matchless The lady conspired to seize supreme power.
paramount lowest, least, poorest, most trivial, worst
2. chief, leading, principal, first, highest, head, top, prime, cardinal, foremost, pre-eminent, peerless He proposes to make himself the supreme overlord.
chief lowest, most minor, most inferior, most subordinate
3. ultimate, highest, greatest, utmost, final, crowning, extreme, culminating My oldest son made the supreme sacrifice in Vietnam


1. Having preeminent significance:
2. Of the greatest possible degree, quality, or intensity:
3. Conforming to an ultimate form of perfection or excellence:
الأعْظَمالسّامي، الأسْمى
æîstur, besturóviîjafnanlegur
Aukščiausiasis teismas
vrhovenvrhovno sodišče
azamien büyük/yüksekuluyüceyüksek


A. ADJ [effort] → supremo; [heroism, confidence] → sumo; [achievement] → mayor
it is of supreme importancees de suma importancia
with supreme indifferencecon suma indiferencia
it was a supreme irony thatla mayor ironía fue que ...
the supreme sacrificeel sacrificio supremo
to reign supreme (fig) [team, individual, city] → no tener rival, gozar del dominio absoluto; [ideology, tradition] → predominar por encima de todo
B. CPD the Supreme Being Nel Ser Supremo
supreme champion Ncampeón/ona m/f absoluto/a
Supreme Commander Ncomandante mf en jefe, comandante mf supremo/a
Supreme Court NTribunal m Supremo, Corte f Suprema (LAm)


[suˈpriːm] adj
(= highest in rank) → suprême
(= very great) [heroism, importance, effort] → suprême
to make the supreme sacrifice (= give one's life) → faire le sacrifice suprêmeSupreme Court n (US)Cour f suprême


(= highest in authority)höchste(r, s); court, Sovietoberste(r, s)
(= very great) courage, indifference etcäußerste(r, s), größte(r, s); with supreme indifferenceäußerst or völlig unbeteiligt
(= ultimate) to make the supreme sacrificedas höchste Opfer bringen; the supreme moment of the operader Höhepunkt der Oper
adv to rule or reign supreme (monarch) → absolut herrschen; (champion, justice) → unangefochten herrschen; (silence) → überall herrschen


[sʊˈpriːm] adj (in authority) → supremo/a; (very great) → sommo/a, massimo/a
with supreme indifference → con somma indifferenza
the supreme sacrifice → il sacrificio supremo
to reign supreme (fig) → dominare


(suˈpriːm) adjective
1. the highest, greatest, or most powerful. the supreme ruler.
2. the greatest possible. an act of supreme courage.
suˈpremely adverb
supremacy (suˈpreməsi) noun
the state of being the greatest or most powerful. How did Rome maintain her supremacy over the rest of the world for so long?
the Supreme Court noun
the highest court of law in (a state of) the USA and many other countries.
References in classic literature ?
In another moment he would have been swept beyond her reach, but with a supreme effort he turned on one side; the current, striking him sideways, threw him towards the bank, and she caught him by his sleeve.
There were plenty of people to help, but of course the young lady who should go down as governess would be in supreme authority.
Yes, their supreme lord and dictator was there, though hitherto unseen by any eyes not permitted to penetrate into the now sacred retreat of the cabin.
This information is definite and suited to the matter of fact; but how pitifully inadequate it would have seemed to one who understood that it was also the supreme hour of ecstasy in the life of one of God's gentlest creatures, the scene of the wedding feast and the joy-transfiguration of little Ona Lukoszaite!
This had been a conceded point with her old mistress, Marie's mother; and "Miss Marie," as Dinah always called her young mistress, even after her marriage, found it easier to submit than contend; and so Dinah had ruled supreme.
I want you to get word to the king that I am a magician myself -- and the Supreme Grand High-yu-Muck- amuck and head of the tribe, at that; and I want him to be made to understand that I am just quietly arrang- ing a little calamity here that will make the fur fly in these realms if Sir Kay's project is carried out and any harm comes to me.
The walking is good to time the movement of the tongue by, and to keep the blood and the brain stirred up and active; the scenery and the woodsy smells are good to bear in upon a man an unconscious and unobtrusive charm and solace to eye and soul and sense; but the supreme pleasure comes from the talk.
These three names are common and familiar in every nook and corner of heaven, clear from one end of it to the other - fully as well known as the eighty Supreme Archangels, in fact - where as our Moses, and Adam, and the rest, have not been heard of outside of our world's little corner of heaven, except by a few very learned men scattered here and there - and they always spell their names wrong, and get the performances of one mixed up with the doings of another, and they almost always locate them simply IN OUR SOLAR SYSTEM, and think that is enough without going into little details such as naming the particular world they are from.
Eager inquiries concerning the twins were pouring into their enchanted ears all the time; each was the constant center of a group of breathless listeners; each recognized that she knew now for the first time the real meaning of that great word Glory, and perceived the stupendous value of it, and understand why men in all ages had been willing to throw away meaner happiness, treasure, life itself, to get a taste of its sublime and supreme joy.
Heat, however, will melt the proudest head and reduce to fiddling strings the finest product of the waving- pin; so anxious mothers were stationed over their offspring, waving palm-leaf fans, it having been decided that the supreme instant when the town clock struck ten should be the one chosen for releasing the prisoners from their self-imposed tortures.
Over our whole social system, complacent Imbecility rules supreme -- snuffs out the searching light of Intelligence with total impunity -- and hoots, owl-like, in answer to every form of protest, See how well we all do in the dark
But I am afraid I had a supreme satisfaction, of a personal and professional nature, in taking charge of Mr.